The Vault

All New Skill Redemption Game

About The Vault

Fantastic Rev/SqFt with this flashy skill game that makes every player feel like a winner.

The Vault is the all-new 100% skill game where players get up to three tries to stop the rotating locks in the green zone. The all metal cabinet has a strong, heavy-duty look and feel like that of a large bank vault. The Major Prize display doubles as the open vault door revealing the internal mechanism that guests play to unlock the prizes. With its attractive design, eye-catching colorful LED lighting and its safe cracking theme, The Vault is a great attraction in any game room.

Operators can manage and optimize payout levels through minor and major ticket values, static or progressive major prize value and speed difficulty settings.  The Vault performs its best with settings optimized for frequent winners that award many a taste of success. This configuration has been proven to drive repeat play and regularly attract new challengers.

Its unique combination of small footprint, an appealing and distinctive theme, challenging game play and frequent winners ensure The Vault delivers a very respectable return on your investment.

Technical Profile

Game Features

  • Single-Player
  • Ticket Dispensing
  • Pre-drilled for Embed
  • Universal Connector Link
  • Card System Ready
  • Coin Acceptor Ready
  • Bill Acceptor Ready

Game Specifications

Width: 44.88” / 114cm
Depth: 24.56” / 62.4cm
Height: 97.87” / 248.6cm
Weight: 397lbs / 180kg



Game Manual
Game Brochure
Digital Floorplan File

The Vault on Location

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