7 Helpful Tips For Your HYPERshoot

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Follow these 7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your HYPERshoot basketball game

LAI Games award-winning HYPERshoot basketball game offers guests a more innovative and rewarding experience over traditional family entertainment center basketball games. With these helpful tips you can make sure it’s maximizing its revenue potential for you.


7 Helpful Tips for Your HYPERshoot basketball game


#1 – Promote Some Healthy Competition

Head-to-head play is not just a popular arcade sport’s game format for guests, it also creates a valuable revenue opportunity for operators. Side by side gameplay increases the chance of repeat play because guests think more about the competition than how much they’re feeding the game. Encourage guests into multiplayer groups or team challenges!  The unique eye-catching and reactive light effects of HYPERshoot can be joined in up to 8 colour combinations, but even when space is limited, the twin cabinet configuration is just as attractive.

When cabinets are linked, players are identified by the color of the cabinet they are playing, so make sure that each of your HYPERshoot’s lighting is set to a different, contrasting colour. In banks of 6-8 units, setting the games in sequence of the color spectrum looks great. In smaller groups, try setting them to the colors that match your location’s theme or company brand.

HYPERshoot by LAI Games

Allowing  and encouraging two or more players to compete side by side creates a multiplayer midway basketball frenzy that will excite guests and keep them coming back for more chances to win, and don’t forget that HYPERshoot allows for optional “Bonus Tickets” in linked game play mode.


#2 – Check Your Shot Streak Sensors

HYPERshoot’s shot streak feature gives great players the rewarding experience HYPERshoot has become known for. Shooting consecutive hoops quickly increases the points per basket from a minimum of one to a maximum of five per basket. If the player is too slow, or misses a shot, the basket point meter will drop back to one until they hit another streak.

Over time, it might be necessary to calibrate the sensors to ensure smooth operation and make sure your guests get the best experience. We suggest setting a regular schedule to check that both the front and basket sensor are properly configured, especially after moving or installing the game.

Check your HYPERshoot game manual on page 29-30 for step by step instructions on checking and configuring the sensitivity of the sensors.


#3 – Set an Effective Game Timer

Operator settings allow you to control the game time, but we recommend 30 seconds as this is the perfect balance of providing enough gameplay, while leaving the player with enough energy to play again.


#4 – Keep Spare Parts on Hand

Although your HYPERshoot comes with 7 Basketballs, we recommend operating with 5 per game for the best play experience, and keeping the other 2 as spares. If you have a bank of HYPERshoot basketball games, check them periodically to ensure each game has 5 balls, as players tend to mix them between cabinets.

With a high volume of gameplay the HYPERshoot net will start to deteriorate after around 3-6 months. We suggest changing the net at this time to keep the game looking fresh.

It’s always a good plan to keep a few spare common parts on the shelf. Having some basic items on hand is key to maintain the game’s performance and ensuring HYPERshoot never misses an opportunity to earn you revenue. We recommend getting 2 or 3 additional basketballs and one replacement net.

Contact our parts department to place an order.


#5 – Set Your Ticket Payouts Like A Midway Game

Players like the big, inclined basket on HYPERshoot as they think they will score bigger tickets than on a conventional basketball. Setting a ticket payout similar to that of your midway/carnival games will have your HYPERshoots earning like your midway/carnival games.


#6 – HYPERshoot Basketball Game Cabinet Extras

Did you know HYPERshoot comes with an optional Deluxe Marquee for multiple unit configurations? We also have new Unit Connector Covers and Side Skirts that provide an economical way to make your HYPERshoot basketball game cabinet more appealing, along with additional benefits for you and your guests. The Unit Connector Covers can be mounted between multiple units and help protect from balls, guest articles and other items from falling down between the cabinets.  Our side skirt options help make the cabinet feel more complete when used on the end of a row of games, and can provide additional, protected storage space.


#7 – General Game Maintenance

Performing general maintenance just like you would on any other game is an important part of keeping your HYPERshoot basketball game play running smoothly.

  • Regularly dust and clean the external cabinet areas as required, using a soft water-damp cloth and mild soap. Clear any dust from play area coming from the balls. Regularly dust and vacuum the interior of the cabinet, taking care to remove any objects that may have fallen.
  • Check the inflation levels of the balls, and don’t over-inflate!  Slightly under-inflating basketballs makes them less likely to bounce in and out of the game, and if guests aren’t having to chase balls down, they can spend more time shooting!
  • Check for blown bulbs and replace as required.
  • Check all LED strips are functioning and repair as required.
  • Check all lighting covers for cracks and replace when necessary.
  • Check the basket, ball gate and playfield hardware is firmly secured and tighten fasteners where required.


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