What operators say about our games

With so many new arcade games and arcade machines out in the market right now, you might wonder: “Where do I buy my arcade games?” We can go on and on about how LAI Games will be the best fit for you but we might be just a little bit biased. Don’t take it from us though, take it from these owners and operators who have enjoyed having our products in their game rooms.

Snapshot 2

“Snapshot 2 is a stellar piece. Our guests vote with their dollars, and they’re voting for this photo booth more than any other. Cost per vend was one of our leading purchasing factors, it’s on track to pay for itself in 14 weeks.”

Mike Abecassis, CEO, GameTime

Mega Stacker

“Mega Stacker is consistently one of our top earning games, and it creates a lot of excitement in our game rooms.”

Steve Veach, Bowlmor AMF

“Mega Stacker is a phenomenal earner and an attraction unto itself.”

Frank Seninsky, President/CEO, Amusement Entertainment Management

“Mega Stacker is a top game in my arcade. It’s the most enjoyable redemption game I’ve seen.”

Dino Paspalakis, Owner, Mardi Gras Fun Center

Balloon Buster

“In a Red Robin Burger lobby, Balloon Buster was BY FAR the top game. None of these games have had any service calls and best of all, the location owners LOVE the look of the game. My highest recommendation.”

Chris Vecchione, Owner/Partner, MVP Networking Services LLC

“We put Balloon Buster in a small Pennsylvania bowling center and it became the top earner in only 6 days of operation.”

Chris Vecchione, Owner/Partner, MVP Networking Services LLC

“Balloon Buster is one of the most-played merchandisers at Frankie’s. It’s a very approachable game, and people really connect with it. It’s easy to play and they love the carnival theme.”

Shawn Hetzel, Arcade Manager, Frankie's Fun Park

“Balloon Buster is a tremendous game. In a large 22,000 seat indoor pro sports arena Balloon Buster earned 33% of the total collection of 15 total games and the pro season hadn’t even gotten into full swing!”

Chris Vecchione, Owner/Partner, MVP Networking Services LLC

“Balloon Buster is a clear winner. The game has proved to be a standout in the room. I have no hesitation recommending it to other operators”

Brian Cohen, VP of Operations, Entertainment Properties Group

“Balloon Buster is one of our top prize merchandising games.”

Steve Veach, Bowlmor AMF

Speed of Light

“**** 4 Stars!”

Josh & Jack Sharpe, Game Critics, Play Meter Magazine

“Speed of Light is a stunner. It thrills players and has tremendous spectator value. Another quality offering from LAI Games.”

George McAuliffe, President, Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors

“Speed of Light is a winner. It looks great, is liked by all, and has a great ROI. Plus, it’s a great way to work out!”

ohn LeGuen, Former Director of Amusements, Main Event Entertainment


“Piñata is consistently a Top 10 earner for our facilities. The guest response to the game has been incredible.”

Brian Cohen, VP of Operations, Entertainment Properties Group

Prize Box

“Prize Box is a great game. It is consistently a top earner in its category. A real sleeper.”

Chip O'Hara, Owner, Midwest Coin Concepts

“Prize Box is killing it for us! It is doing phenomenally. We’re going to put them in all our stores.”

Shawn Hetzel, Arcade Manager, Frankie's Fun Park

“We have been operating 4 Prize Boxes and are very happy with them, our customers like them as well.  The claw and assembly have been problem free!”

Tom Harrison, Vacationland Vendors

“Prize Box is a high revenue generating game at a surprising bargain price. They’re perfect for when you don’t want to block the view through a room.”

Rich Pankey, VP of Games, 
Family Entertainment Group

“We are really pleased with our Prize Boxes. They perform well, and the design made for an easy integration into our overall layout. The presentation appeals to both younger players and adults.”

Chris Snitchler, Games Manager
, For the Win

Shooting Mania

“In its first week, Shooting Mania was the #1 most-played game in our game room! The fast action playability is a hit with kids. We love this game.”

Zacc Arnold, Owner, Fun City Pizza

“Shooting Mania averages 600 plays/week at $1/play. It’s doing great!”

Owner, National Pizza Chain

Mega Color Match

“Mega Color Match is our top performing prize vending game. It’s a great centerpiece, and our guests love it.”

Juan Uribe, Timezone Surfers Paradise

“Mega Color Match performs very well. It is in our Top 10.”

Brian Cohen, VP of Operations, Entertainment Properties Group