“Amazing” Debut for LAI Games at IAAPA

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Dallas, TX USA – September 06, 2019  – Leading game manufacturer LAI Games will debut a new mixed reality alley bowler called Amazing Alley at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando this November.  The 2-lane redemption game features intuitive play augmented by colorful and explosive holographic feedback when balls are successfully sunk into holes.  Players can win an accumulating bonus jackpot by collecting a star over each of the holes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.  The carnival-themed cabinet makes for a clean, attractive piece that is perfect for midways and can be linked in multiples of two (4-lanes) with a bonus marquee.

Amazing Alley - mixed reality all
Amazing Alley - mixed reality holographic alley bowler by LAI Games

Amazing Alley follows LAI Games tried and true philosophy of augmenting the player experience to create an extremely rewarding game.   The game relies on the real-world physics of the alley bowler format, where it’s pure skill to sink balls in the holes, rather than trying to simulate artificial physics through a digital display.  The holographic feedback and UI add a layer of rewarding feedback for the player, and provide an additional opportunity to take the game play further than traditional alley bowlers, with the accumulating jackpot feature.

For more information, contact our sales team or see the game for yourself at IAAPA booth 1034!

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