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LAI Games announces that Betson has created a financing program for the Color Match prize merchandiser. Operators can lease the hit game for as low as $285/month for 30 months. Color Match is a top earning game in FECs, bowling centers, and national retail operations. Industry expert Frank Seninsky described it as “an amazing game that has had a steady high ranking…” in the latest issue of The Redemption and FEC Report.

LAI’s VP of Sales Chris Brady said, “We have never seen such a strong tool with which to sell this skill-based merchandiser. Betson Financial Services has put together a great program that makes it possible for a wide range of customers to operate Color Match.”

AboutĀ Color Match

Color Match is a video merchandising game of skill where players match colors on a rotating disk to win a prize. Difficulty increases as players get closer to the Major Prize. Minor and win-every time prize options are tickets, capsule balls, or small prizes vended on prize arms. Major prizes are displayed and vended from large window compartments. Game setup is easy and intuitive, with LAI’s proprietary on-screen operator menu that practically eliminates the need for a user manual. Patent pending.


About the Betson Color Match Financing Program

Operators may lease Color Match for as low as $285/month for 30 months. Some restrictions may apply. Sales tax, delivery, freight, and filing fee to be paid up front. All applicants must be approved through Betson Financial Services prior to delivery. Total length of contract is 30 months. For complete details, contact Betson Financial Services at (800) 524-2343 orĀ

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