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Due to the popularity of LAI Games’ new Stack ‘N’ Grab merchandiser, BMI Merchandise is now offering a deluxe plush package specially designed to maximize Stack ‘N’ Grab profits. 

Stack ‘N’ Grab is a prize merchandising game that gives players two experiences in one. First, the player attempts BMI provided plush for the Stack ‘N’ Grab units on display at the IAAPA expo, as well as for LAI’s initial test units of the game. The plush proved to be popular with players and lucrative for profits, and operators expressed interest in purchasing pre-packaged kits for the games.

“The plush packages BMI has created for Stack ‘N’ Grab are very high quality, and players can tell the difference,” said LAI’s head of US Sales, Chris Brady. “We worked closely with BMI to find the right mix of plush at the right price, and we know these kits produce maximum earnings.”

About the BMI Deluxe Plush Package

The kits consist of 30 pieces of near-retail quality plush ranging in size from 8” to 14”. Each piece was individually tested to insure that it works flawlessly with Stack ‘N’ Grab’s unique four-pronged crane claw, which guarantees prize pick-up. The size and quality of the pieces contribute to the game’s success by enticing players away from standard cranes with smaller, inferior merchandise offerings. The cost for the kits is $178.50, and operators can order them from BMI Merchandise at 800-272-6375.

About Stack N Grab

Stack ‘N’ Grab is a prize merchandising game that gives players two experiences in one. First, the player attempts to win a shortened version of LAI’s award-winning Stacker game. If successful, they can then select the prize of their choice with a special 4-pronged crane claw that guarantees prize delivery. 

Because the crane portion of the game is dependent on winning the Stacker portion, operators have improved control over the game’s payout compared to traditional cranes. The game is shipped with interchangeable claws for 4”-8” and 8”-14” toys and has operator adjustable settings. 3D artwork on the cabinet attracts attention, with the help of lighting and sound effects.

About BMI Merchandise

For over 25 years BMI has brought a new light to the Amusement & Redemption Industry.  We pioneered gaming merchandising and pre-packaged goods for all direct pay games.  BMI Merchandise/Bonita Marie International has also reinvented the redemption business by always providing the most exciting, cutting edge products to boost gaming sales.  BMI is yourONE SOURCE. ONE SOLUTION.  Please visit our for easy online ordering or call us today 1-800-272-6375.

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