Community Spotlight: Winner Every Time

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Meet Katie and Spencer of Winner Every Time. In this Community Spotlight, Katie and Spencer share how they started, where they are going, and a really cool way they interact with fans on a weekly basis. 

Tell us about yourselves

We are Katie and Spencer of Winner Every Time! We met online through our mutual love of theme parks, specifically Disney World. Soon after that, we began traveling to visit theme parks all over the US. We have always loved to play carnival games and at the arcade in theme parks, and that quickly grew to arcades all over as well. In addition to hunting for the best arcades, we like to run, visit all sorts of themed attractions, and spend time with our friends and family!

How did your love affair with games begin?

While we were busy traveling to visit theme parks, Spencer quickly racked up an impressive number of coaster rides. Katie actually does not ride any coasters, so at the end of the day we loved to spend time in the arcade together. It has always been something we have enjoyed doing together, and something we are both pretty good at! Specifically, we like to play at redemption-based arcades so that we can try to win a cool prize at the end of the day! The prize is always a great memory for us!

When did you start and what gave you the idea for producing arcade videos on YouTube?

We have always been active on social media, and we would sometimes post silly videos of us winning games on our stories. Finally, enough people asked us to teach them more about the arcades we visit and which games were our favorite. In the summer of 2021, we decided to start producing full YouTube videos on our favorite arcades!

Tell is about Stacker Sunday! How does it work and how can players get involved?

Stacker Sunday is our favorite TikTok live day of the week! While it isn’t every Sunday (since we can’t bring the Stacker along in our RV when we travel), we are live most Sunday evenings on our Stacker game in our home! We fill it up with some cool prizes, and Spencer (and sometimes Katie) works to clear the machine! We love to put mystery prizes in there too, so it’s fun to see what we win! It is so easy to join a TikTok live! Once you follow our account @WinnerEveryTime you are notified every time we go live! 

What is your favorite game and why?

Spencer’s favorite game is actually Stacker! He’s really good at it and enjoys playing a few times in the hope of winning a major prize. Plus, we like to see if we can find the different versions of the game like Mega Stacker and we finally recently found Mini Stacker!

Katie loves coin pushers, especially the Angry Birds Coin Crash game. It is so fun to sit and play those games for a while, and especially rewarding when the big tower of coins fall! Plus, that game can win a ton of tickets – which is really why we play games!

What does the future hold for Winner Every Time?

We have loads more trips around the US planned to visit even more arcades – especially the arcades that many of our followers have suggested! We hope to travel internationally soon, we want to visit the UK, Tokyo, and Dubai!

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