Embed and LAI Games Combine Forces As Helix Leisure

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Leisure & Allied Industries today announces a major reorganization that will see Embed, LAI Games, and The Locker Network combined under a new umbrella company, the Helix Leisure group. This combination, which becomes official on July 1st, 2014, will allow the Helix Leisure companies to leverage their combined strengths and global reach, and a seamlessly integrated product offering, while preserving each of the individual brands.

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As out-of-home entertainment venues evolve towards delivering more sophisticated and spectacular experiences, Helix Leisure is uniquely positioned to fulfill the needs of operators in matching the high expectations of today’s consumers. The company has a network of six full offices worldwide to provide in-region support and a comprehensive offering of cashless debit card systems, POS and redemption solutions, customer loyalty, booking and ticketing, electronic locker operations, and a full range of amusement and prize-vending machines.

Each of the individual companies will continue trading under their current brand names and retain dedicated and focused R&D teams.

Following the reorganization, Leisure & Allied Industries will operate two fully-independent divisions: its leading FEC chain, Timezone, and the Helix Leisure group. Current CEO of LAI Games and The Locker Network, Theo Sanders, will assume the role of CEO of Helix Leisure.

Adam Steinberg, Executive Director of Leisure & Allied Industries said, “In our increasingly connected world, there is a greater expectation for a seamless user experience. We feel that combining the LAI Group businesses that deliver products, services, and systems to the industry will enable us to create even greater value and meet those expectations.”

Helix Leisure CEO Theo Sanders notes, “This marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Embed, LAI Games, and The Locker Network teams and for our customers worldwide. As a group, this reorganization represents a major commitment to the very bright future we see for the out-of-home entertainment industry.”

For more information, visit the group website at HelixLeisure.com.

About Helix Leisure

Helix Leisure, a division of the LAI Group, provides the out-of-home entertainment industry with an integrated offering of cashless debit card systems, POS solutions, customer loyalty, redemption management, entrance control, booking & ticketing, electronic locker operations, and a full range of amusement machines. The company is comprised of industry leaders Embed, LAI Games, and The Locker Network.

About Embed

With offices in the USA, UAE, UK, and Australia, Embed provides systems that are a total operating solution for any entertainment facility. Embed Systems allow for admissions control, machine monitoring, cashless operation of games and attractions, retail, food and beverage sales, loyalty systems, full prize redemption management, and integrated event scheduling. Transform your business and find out more at www.embedcard.com.

About The Locker Network

The Locker Network is a subsidiary of Helix Leisure, part of the LAI Group – a leader in the interactive entertainment and game industry for over 50 years.  The Locker Network provides advanced, networked electronic locker systems to theme parks, waterparks, ski areas and other entertainment facilities. For more information, please visit www.TheLockerNetwork.com or contact Sales@TheLockerNetwork.com.

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