Top 10 Reasons You Should Work with a Distributor

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Should You Buy from a Distributor?

Wondering if you should work with a distributor when purchasing games for your location? Distributors offer many benefits you may not even be aware of that make them an invaluable resource for you.

Here are our Top 10 reasons you should work with a reputable, local distributor when adding games to your venue.

#01 – Specialized knowledge and an understanding of your local market

Your local distributor knows the market, the regulations, and the players in your area. They understand your business and have regionalized expertise to be able to provide you with the most accurate information.

#02 – Consultation & Advice

Distributors have a dedicated staff of consultants who will work closely with you to find the best solutions to fit your needs. From planning and design of your facility, to game selection and operation, their skilled experts can help you make smart choices based on your type of venue, your market, your customers and your budget.


#03 – Extensive network

Distributors have long standing, respectful relationships with manufacturers in all corners on the world. They can help you navigate the hundreds of choices that are available and recommend great products for you.

#04 – Financing & Leasing

Distributors can offer a variety of financing and lease packages to fit your needs. Many also offer trade-ins on your used equipment.

#05 – Logistics

Today’s games are more complicated than ever before and require much more labor and expertise to ship, uncrate, assemble and get up and running on location. Your local distributor will make the entire shipping process easy for you, including any customs formalities and paperwork, and make sure all your games coming from multiple origins across the world arrive to your venue on time. Then they will set up the game in the optimum location and fine tune the settings to earn you the biggest returns.

#06 – Local Parts & Service

Dedicated support available to you locally means your games get serviced quickly, with minimal down time.


#07 – Technical Support

No need to keep track of multiple manufacturers’ technical support resources. Your distributor has technical experts on staff who can assist you with your entire game room.

#08 – Service Schools / Technical Training

Many top distributors offer hands on training courses to show you and your team how to perform routine service and troubleshoot the games at your venue.


#09 – Here to Stay

Many distributors have been in the business for 50-60 years, some even longer! They are a partner in your business and will be here for you for the foreseeable future.


#10 – ONE Source

Your distributor affords you the opportunity to source equipment and parts from multiple manufacturers and assistance with service, logistics, installation, trade-ins and credit terms – all from a single source.


“The role of the distributor is to help the manufacturer to understand the needs of the operator and to help the operator to get the best out of the manufacturer’s services.”

Prakash Vivekanand , Managing Director at Amusement Services International (ASI)


‘The days of an office, a sales force and a large warehouse to store upfront order to several hundred of a new game, basically order-taking are long gone. The base of their business has widen to provide a much broader service-based offer, advice, planning, finance and servicing. The role of the distributor has become a far more complex business and more demanding of professionalism.’

David Snook, Partner at InterGame Magazine

If you’re not working with a distributor to buy your games, maybe it’s time to give one a call.  Check out our distributors page or contact our sales team to speak to us about recommendations.


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