Balloon Buster

Prize Vending Skill Game

About Balloon Buster

Come one, come all! Incorporating authentic carnival-themed graphics and sounds, Balloon Buster recreates that fun atmosphere found at the carnival for all players to enjoy. This attractively themed prize merchandiser has nostalgic appeal for all audiences ensuring it’s hard to walk past without giving it a try. To win players guide a long metal dart through the hole and pop a balloon and win the prize. Simple, quick game play encourages repeat attempts.


BMI Stinger Bronze BOSA

Winner of the Bronze BOSA in 2013, the vintage style cabinet theme and authentic carnival spruiker add up to a winning experience for players. Operators can choose from global or individual prize adjustment settings to ensure regular winners and maximum income.

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Technical Profile

Game Features

  • Single-Player
  • Ticket Dispensing
  • Prize Merchandising
  • Pre-drilled for Embed
  • Universal Connector Link
  • Card System Ready
  • Coin Acceptor Ready
  • Bill Acceptor Ready

Game Specifications

Width: 37” / 93cm
Depth: 34” / 87cm
Height: 86” / 219cm
Weight: 452lbs / 205kg

Game Manual

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Balloon Buster on Location

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