Don't take our word for it

Hundreds of satisfied customers can't be wrong

You can listen to other manufacturers say their game earns high revenues, or you can listen to the people who have made real money from a proven product.

“Virtual Rabbids is producing phenomenal results for our FECs, as far as revenue is concerned.  We’re able to charge $10 a play. Every time two riders enjoy ‘Virtual Rabbids’ for a three-to-four minute play, we’ve made $20.”

– Rich Pankey, vice president of games and technical services for Family Entertainment Group

“The new content has definitely increased our replay. Customers love the Interactive Space Skirmish ride. Virtual Rabbids continues to be our number one game.”

– Bill Assande, Operations Manager, Spare Time Entertainment Center, Lansing, MI

“Virtual Rabbids is one of our top 5 games for sure, and once we purchased The Expansion Pack, it gave it new life, with expanded advertising promoting the new games.”

– Tyler Houser, Assistant Manager at Airway Fun Center, Portage, MI

“I viewed the game at IAAPA, and after searching the floor, this was the best game out there. As a matter of fact, LAI Games’ composition of blending Arcade game with the Virtual Reality aspect is like no other. You guys definitely have the market and have earned my future business. Since receiving the expansion pack, we should see a great increase in sales, again you guys got this one just right, and I look forward to the future.”

– Kurt Epping, Manager at Funland Long Beach, WA

“Virtual Rabbids is our favorite, since getting it, the game has been consistent. Adding the expansion pack, the game has steadily given us $1500 per week and it’s very consistent, keep up the great work.”

– Brook Watson, General Manager at Pizza Ranch

“Paid for itself in 10 weeks.”

– Tim Mazzaferro, Director of Operations, Pizza Ranch

“Well worth the investment. Great ROI.”

– Chris Killian, Director of Amusements, Movie Bowl Grille

“Virtual Rabbids is the #1 game in all 3 of our locations.”

– Doug Davidson, VP of Operations, MaxBowl

“Virtual Rabbids is the #1 game regardless of the size of the game room. Whether it has 25 or 125 games, it’s #1 in all of them.”

– Steve Veach, Director of Game Operations, Bowlero

“Our 2 units have consistently ranked Number 1&2 amongst the 160 games on offer, extremely happy with our purchase of this unique machine.”

– Stephen Bennett, Managing Partner, Power House Entertainment Group

“A must have for any FEC or large arcade.”

– Rich Pankey, Vice President of Games & Technical Services, Family Entertainment Group

“Amazing earner.”

– Jonathan Ortiz, Head Arcade Game Technician, Grand Station Entertainment

“It’s a breakthrough in exciting new technology. It’s a MUST HAVE for any location.”

– Rick Kirby, Executive Vice President, Betson

“Virtual Rabbids has been a terrific addition to the iT’Z and PINSTACK locations. It provides a unique experience unlike anything else we offer, and the earnings more than justify the investment.”

– Brian Cohen, Vice President of Operations, Pinstack

“It is performing very consistently and is a hit with our guests.”

– Rob Thomas, President, Mulligan Family Fun Centers

“We are a conservative company when making product recommendations, however, Virtual Rabbids has proven to deliver one of the best ROI’s in the industry.”

– Scott Shaffer, President, Shaffer Distributing

“It is a big hit with all ages.”

– Thomas Smith, Technical Services Manager, Main Event

“The game is performing very well. We are very pleased with the sales results.”

– James Lashmett, Sr. Arcade Technician, Bowlero Corporation

“Our Virtual Rabbids units have been performing very well and traffic to the ride has been steady. Our guests are loving this ride!”

– Sydney Fernandez, Owner Fun Factory

“All the feedback I’ve heard from guests on Virtual Rabbids is that the game is wonderful. They’re enjoying the cool new rides in The Big Expansion Pack, and we appreciate the media kit materials that were included. I even rode it myself and enjoyed it very much.”

– Mike Cheek, Tech Manager, Enchanted Castle, Lombard, IL