How Much is The Big Expansion Pack Actually Worth?

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An Arcade Game’s Price vs Value

One thing all savvy consumers understand is that price and value are not the same things, and it’s no different for location owners when it comes to buying games.  Arcade games range dramatically in price, and obviously, not all games are created equal.  Some games boast mainstream IP, some games have timeless concepts, and some are just arcade staples that guests expect to see when they come into a venue.  Regardless of the game, think about how much money goes into a game’s content (or concept) vs the hard costs of the physical cabinet.

Hardware vs Content

Without getting too finite about the cost breakdown of an arcade game, it’s easy to state that when you buy a new game, aside from some custom high-end hardware such as a motion base, the majority of what you’re buying is the content, or concept, not the cabinet.  Of course, the cabinet must be well thought out, modern, and have curb appeal, but that’s not where the majority of your money is going when you purchase a game.

The content draws paying customers and helps realize the game’s revenue potential. This is what makes Virtual Rabbids: The Big Expansion Pack the highest value deal available on the market right now.

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride not only proved that unattended VR was possible for arcades and FECs, but that it was extremely profitable.  Virtual Rabbids has continued to be the top game in many locations across the world for more than 3 years in a row, paying for itself many times over.  It’s a proven earner with undeniable value for money.

The Expansion Pack holds even greater value for money because, remembering that the majority of a game’s cost sits in the content, The Expansion Pack doubles the game content at a quarter of the price of the original game.   No other product on the market can make this claim, and operators are reporting great success with their upgrades, both pre and post COVID-19.

Big Returns for Minimal Investment

When you consider the ROI that Virtual Rabbids is able to generate even without The Big Expansion Pack, the decision to purchase the upgrade becomes a no-brainer. Don’t leave money on the table!

The Big Expansion Pack Great ROI

6-week comparison from a mid-size regional FEC after installing The Big Expansion Pack.

Virtual Rabbids Expansion Pack allows you to double your game content at a quarter of the price of the original game.  No other product on the market can make this claim.


The Big Expansion Pack is more than a software upgrade.  It contains hardware and a huge new marketing kit to help drive traffic to the new rides.


  • The Big Expansion Pack software (3 new rides plus the 3 originals, for a total of 6!)
  • Replacement security dongles
  • The Big Promotional Media Kit
  • Welcome pack with installation instructions
  • New acrylic header for your unit
  • Large non-slip floor stickers x 3
  • Gator board promo game signage x 2

How do you get The Big Expansion Pack?

To order The Big Expansion Pack, simply contact the distributor who sold you The Big Ride.   The Expansion Pack ships immediately so there is no long lead time, and it comes with a free promotional media kit to promote the ride in-store and online.  The Expansion Pack also comes with installation instructions, and LAI Games has created a video-walkthrough of the installation process (Spanish version also available).

If you need assistance connecting with your authorized distributor, please contact our sales team via the form below and we’ll get you connected!

Expansion Pack Sale Ends Oct 31 2020

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