How To Increase Revenue With The Big Expansion Pack

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Increase Revenue from Your Highest Earning Game.

As businesses begin to push beyond the COVID pandemic, locations are reporting impressive revenues from Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride, proving that location-based Virtual Reality is alive and well.  It may be due in part to The Virtual Rabbids Hygiene Kit, which puts additional control in the hands of guests, providing comfort and confidence in their safety, but one thing is for sure – the game’s earning capacity has picked right back up where it left.

So how do you get even more revenue from a proven guest favorite?

It’s simple. Install The Big Expansion Pack.

Upgrading to The Big Expansion Pack provides the opportunity to take advantage of the 3 key ways to increase revenue:

  • Increase the number of customers.
  • Increase the frequency of transactions per customer.
  • Raise your prices.

Keep reading to learn why the game is earning higher revenues with The Big Expansion Pack and how you can install the expansion pack to take advantage of the game’s revenue-generating capacity.

Why You Need The Big Expansion Pack

Here’s Why the Expansion Pack is Earning More Money for Owners

The Big Expansion Pack provides something new for guests.
Based on our recent Guest Survey Report, the #1 motivating factor for a guest to return to an entertainment venue was because of new games and attractions at the location.

There’s something for everyone.
No other attraction provides the same multi-generational experience that Virtual Rabbids does. Kitchen Catastrophe is a family-friendly adventure.  Space Skirmish is the industry’s first unattended interactive VR experience, and Coaster Calamity is a wild ride for real thrill-seekers.

It increases replay value.
With so many diverse ride options to choose from, operators are reporting higher replay value for the game.  Virtual Rabbids provides an experience guests can’t get anywhere else and the numbers are reflecting the increased customer engagement.

It gives owners an opportunity to raise the price per play.
Many operators have reported success with an increase in price per play, due to the new content. Not only is The Big Ride experiencing additional utilization, but it’s also earning more with each ride.  Here is an example of how even a small price increase could dramatically impact revenues.

Increased PPP Revenue Example

Example data based on operator feedback. Data shown is for illustrative purposes only.

“The new content has definitely increased our replay. Customers love the Interactive Space Skirmish ride. Virtual Rabbids continues to be our number one game.”

– Bill Assande, Spare Time Entertainment, Lansing, MI

How do you get The Big Expansion Pack?

To order The Big Expansion Pack, simply contact the distributor who sold you The Big Ride.   The Expansion Pack ships immediately so there is no long lead time, and it comes with a free promotional media kit to promote the ride in-store and online.  The Expansion Pack also comes with installation instructions, and LAI Games has created a video-walkthrough of the installation process (Spanish version also available).

If you need assistance connecting with your authorized distributor, please contact our sales team via the form below and we’ll get you connected!

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