Incredible IAAPA Showing for LAI Games

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Dallas, TX USA – December 2, 2019  – Leading game manufacturer LAI Games is celebrating its biggest and most successful IAAPA ever last month in Orlando, Florida. The company enjoyed a packed booth every day of the show, with a huge amount of interest in the six new games that made their debut: Outnumbered, Pearl Fishery, HYPERpitch, Amazing Alley, Toy Frenzy and the Monster Munch ticket muncher. In addition, The Big Expansion Pack – the three new experiences available for Virtual Rabbids – was also a hit with attendees.

Highlights from the show include the live tournament for Outnumbered, a target shooting video game that offers a new operating paradigm by utilizing a mobile app to reach players outside the arcade and drive repeat traffic to the venue. The company awarded the winners for each stage with a trophy, an Outnumbered military hat and dog tags on the final day of the expo.

The company also held a press conference in conjunction with D-BOX regarding their collaboration on the motion simulation for the new Virtual Rabbids experiences and the introduction of Outnumbered to the industry. Speakers were D-BOX Sales Director Nicolas Bohly and LAI Games Marketing Director Tabor Carlton and VP of Product Development Shannon Perell.

In addition, LAI Games reports that it received a record number of orders for the new games, including the pusher-style redemption game Pearl Fishery and HYPERpitch baseball-style pitching game. The company thanks everyone who stopped by the booth for their support and interest.

If you didn’t make it to the show, visit the IAAPA 2019 page to watch videos of the full IAAPA lineup.

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