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Working Towards Recovery

We can’t wait until we’re ready to get back to a state of play, but until that happens we’ll continue to do our best to support our partners and customers with ideas and resources to get through this, because at the end of the day, we’re all connected.

Recent Industry Reports

LAI Games State of the Industry Report
LAI Games COVID Guest Survey

FEC Spotlights

There are a lot of FECs doing great marketing work to inform customers of the changes they’ve implemented in their venue and build consumer confidence.  We’ll continue to showcase the work we come across here, so check back regularly for inspiration.

Ten Pin in the U.K. produced a great video with a lighthearted humor that gets its message across in a compelling and fun way, building guest confidence around their new safety measures. Check out the video here.

Renaissance Fun Park is doing a great job of getting guests to mask up in fun and creative ways.  A great example of how FECs and use the carrot instead of the stick to help with public safety.  Read the article in IAAPA news.

Starland Sports in Massachusetts is a great example of how an entertainment facility can utilize social media to really engage their audience.  Tons of great content here, and as they point out, you only need a phone and an idea!

Blog Articles

New Normal for FECs
What will “The New Normal” Look Like?
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When businesses start operating again, it won’t be the “normal” we were used to. Here are a few of the key areas FECs and arcades will need to look at once they are able to re-open the doors.

8 Simple Steps to Develop A Positive Outlook
8 Simple Steps to Shape a Positive Outlook
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We work in an industry built for fun, but as a business owner, sometimes it’s anything but. Here are some simple steps you can take to keep a positive outlook no matter what you’re going through.

LAI Games - tips to stay sane during COVID-19
Keep Your Sanity During COVID-19
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We’ve put together a short checklist of things you can do to keep your sanity until COVID-19 is behind us.

Educational Resources

FEC COVID-19 resources and education