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Pearl Fishery and the Evolution of the Coin Pusher

Coin pushers have been a staple in arcades for decades. The first pusher-style game to hit the arcade scene was Wheel A Win in 1964. Fast forward to the 80’s, and operators had begun to make things more interesting, adding small prizes to the playfield for extra suspense. To this day, many arcades still have some of these old-school style pushers, and though some have been re-branded with popular licenses and collectible cards and tokens, the game play is largely unchanged.

It’s easy to see why pushers are so popular. Who can resist the sight of coins teetering on the edge of a cliff, ready to fall into the chute? But today’s players have become much more discerning and sophisticated. Coin pushers are now competing with Virtual Reality rides, massive 4K video games, and all manner of redemption games for players’ attention. Savvy manufacturers are taking note and incorporating new and exciting features that bring the pusher to a whole new level.

Pearl Fishery is such a game. This state-of-the-art redemption game not only offers the “edge-teetering” excitement of a typical pusher – it is also a multi-layered big-ticket game, with multiple opportunities to win any number of mini-games. In a short time, the game has become a fan favorite.  It’s repeatedly been covered by the biggest arcade influencers on YouTube, garnering over 800K views and hundreds of player comments.

“Pearl Fishery is the best pusher game right now in my opinion.”

– Angel from Plush Time Wins, 1.79M subscribers


“You guys have to play this! I love it, it’s very satisfying.”

 – Arcade Matt, 1.67M Subscribers


“Pearl Fishery is one of my new favorite arcade games! This game is super fun, and you can win a lot of arcade tickets when you trigger party time which gives you the chance to win the super bonus with the big pearls.”

– Arcade Warrior, 1.76M Subscribers


“There are all sorts of unique features that make this game great! We had an absolute blast playing it. We can’t wait to find and play this machine again!”

 – The Arcade Couple, 21K Subscribers


How to Play Pearl Fishery

Pearl Fishery contains 2 types of pearls: small white pearls and big orange pearls. Like with other pushers, as the game is credited players choose when to release their pearls, which fall down a pegboard and onto the pusher deck. Players time the release to make the pearls pass through different chutes, which increase the Pearl Party Time or Ticket Party Time Meters or release a Big Pearl onto the playfield.


Every time a small pearl falls off the edge tickets are awarded, but when a Big Pearl falls off the edge, it rolls into a special mini-bonus game where it falls through a colored hole, resulting in a set number of tickets being awarded. This also increases the color meter, allowing the player to win a bigger ticket value the next time a Big Pearl drops through that colored hole.


But the most exciting aspect of Pearl Fishery is Party Time.  The Party Time chutes at the bottom of the peg board will increase the Ticket Party Time or Pearl Party Time Meters, and when the Party Time Meter is full, the player enters Party Time which gives players extra tickets or pearls every time they pass pearls through the chutes.  Savvy players credit up the game and spam the playfield with pearls, earning them tons of tickets in the process, and if a Big Pearl passes through the red hole in the mini-game during Party Time, they’ll win the Super Bonus Jackpot!  Pearl Fishery also has a special display showing the player how many tickets they’re owed, keeping them glued to the game for their payout and the chance to continue winning tickets.

Pearl Fishery entices players with its Party Time play, playfields full of unmissable big pearls and Super Bonus Jackpot display. With so many opportunities to win, and tickets being consistently paid out to reward players and keep the excitement levels high, Pearl Fishery a uniquely entertaining amusement machine and a great example of how pushers have evolved to keep pace with the latest developments in out-of-home entertainment.  It’s also a dream for operators with completely self-contained game elements, so the only thing you’ll need to restock is the tickets!


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