Jacqueline Fletcher Celebrates 50 Years with the LAI Group

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Perth, September 21, 2022 – Jacqueline Fletcher has reached a milestone anniversary with the LAI Group, having served as personal assistant to company Chairman Malcolm Steinberg for 50 years.

Jacqueline Fletcher migrated to Perth Australia with her family in 1972. Prior to that she had spent 11 years with the Singapore office of a Swiss based company, F E Zeullig and Co. On arrival in Perth, she accepted a position as a secretary to Malcolm Steinberg, founder, former CEO and now Chairman of the LAI Group. She soon became his executive personal assistant and has held that position ever since. In commending Jacqueline‘s 50 years of service, Malcolm Steinberg said, “When building a business, it is
important to understand the market and the attitude of management and staff. Jacqueline has a unique ability to “read the room” and her feedback both from staff and the market generally has been an invaluable help in the decision-making process over the last 50 years. She is extremely dedicated and loyal and probably would still be with the Zuellig Company if she and her husband had not decided to migrate to Australia.”

The LAI Group is known for its international brands including Timezone, Zone Bowling, Kingpin, Play and Learn, Embed, Booking Boss, LAI Games, Arcade Online and Arcade Legend. The Group now conducts its sales and operations from offices in 10 countries with more than 6000 employees and annual sales in excess of $700 million.


About The LAI Group
The LAI Group has investments in a portfolio of businesses servicing the interactive entertainment market. Our strategy is to invest in opportunities that leverage the growing demands for interactive entertainment experiences globally and in particular to capitalize on the emerging consumer classes across Asia with rapidly growing discretionary spending power.

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