Community Spotlight: JDevy

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We recently sat down with JDevy (or Jason as he’s known in normal life) in our first arcade community player spotlight.  Jason is a vocal ‘fair play’ advocate and active member of the arcade blogger and social community, and the winner of the highest ticket payout that we are aware of for any game (20,000 tickets on Red Hot!)

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a 17-year-old kid from Reno, NV who likes arcade games. I used to make arcade videos frequently, but I’m focusing on school right now so production has slowed down. There are videos coming soon in the future, I have a lot of footage to edit once school’s over. For other hobbies, I do also like to draw sometimes.


How did your love affair with arcade games come about?

I’ve played arcade games ever since I was a wee young lad. My earliest memories with arcades were in the ticket arcade at Circus Circus Reno. I loved the lights and the whistles of the ticket games there. I was scared of the video game section back then, but I grew to enjoy them. I grew up with arcades.


What’s your favorite game and why?

I’d categorize this answer in two parts. For redemption, Raw Thrills’s Space Invaders Frenzy is one that comes to my mind as my favorite. I love the pseudo-classic ‘play as far as you want, as long as you can do it skillfully you can get there’ playstyle. It also has a high score list. My favorite mobile to arcade ticket game is Crossy Road, for sure. For video arcade games, it’s a toss-up with Dance Dance Revolution and The Fast and the Furious Drift/Super Cars. DDR gets me out of my seat and gets my chubby self in action, and it’s got good music. F&F for the nostalgia factor (I loved playing that at a local bowling center when I was small). I did start trying out Maximum Tune 5 at a local arcade, I’ll see if that eclipses F&F as my favorite racer.


Do you have a favorite arcade?

I have multiple favorite (and local) arcades in my area. Can’t pick just one! I enjoy Circus Circus and the Peppermill Resort’s Game Lab Arcade for tickets and prizes. Atlantis Resort’s Fun Center is one I’ve liked more recently for the video game selection, having DDR and Maximum Tune 5. There are other good arcades in the area, this is just a few. There is a Round1 opening in my area in June (probably in the fall, but I’ll see if it opens this month). I’ll see what’s cookin’ there, albeit being a bit more pricey.


Do you follow any other arcade Youtubers?

I do follow other arcade Youtubers. Not quite as much as in the past, but I’m still watching a couple from the community here and there. It’s a lot of redemption game people. Arcade Matt (aka Matt3756) and Plush Time Wins to name a few big fish in the community. There’s a lot of people I watch, big and small, doing this kind of niche genre.


You have possibly the biggest win captured on camera with your 20,000+ ticket win on Red Hot, what was that like, and what did you get with your tickets?!

My 20,000 ticket win was just amazing. When I last visited before that fabled visit, it was at 17,000. Tried to hit it, but no luck, I whipped out my camera once I saw the jackpot reach that high next visit and recorded ’til I won. I was probably one of the few there, along with the shift manager and the workers. I saved the tickets up, I usually spend the tickets on big prizes every once in a while.


What is the message you want your audience to take away from your content?

With the videos I make, I want the audience to see how fun arcades can be, journaling my arcade escapades. To see how they can win as well. It helps advertise arcade games to people unsure of the potential, and to make people reminisce of the times when they were a winner.


Do you have any predictions for the future of the industry?

I do believe the industry is headed towards more casual games, ticket redemption, and redemption in general. It’s more of chasing the profits, seeing what games are doing well in the industry. Ticket claw games. Two player shooters like Ice Man and Nerf Arcade. Skill wall games like Connect 4 Hoops and Let’s Bounce and mega, theme park attraction level games like Virtual Rabbids and Halo Fireteam Raven.


Do you have any feedback for arcade game manufacturers?

I do want the greater industry to veer towards more ‘core-gamer’ level games for those who want it. I’d like more games to veer towards skillful, investment-driven games, like Maximum Tune 5 with its upgradable save system. Something that keeps players coming back for more if they wish, a mix of casual and core. As I do support redemption, I’d like for more pure skill experiences. There is an appeal in the concept of chance, but I’d like more games with skill. It’s happening right now, with Bay Tek, Coastal, ICE, LAI Games and others making more skillful experiences.

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