Spare Parts 101

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What types of spare parts to keep in stock at your locations for a smooth-running game room. 

Every entertainment center owner or operator knows that a game down is a game that’s not earning money. It also makes a bad impression on guests who expect to be able to play all their favorite games during their visit. To avoid this scenario, it’s important to have spare game parts on-hand so your game room continues to run smoothly. But how do you decide what to stock up on?

There are three categories of parts that are most important keep in stock at your location.


It may seem obvious, but a lot of operators don’t realize how quickly they’ll go through consumables for their most popular games. It’s always a good idea to have plenty of extra balls, cards, tokens, masks, straps, pucks, media and other parts that guests utilize and consume during gameplay. Here are some popular LAI Games consumables that you should keep in stock for your games:

Interactive Parts

Parts that guests interact with (and sometimes pound!). These include things like buttons, handles, knobs, joysticks and guns that go through a lot of wear and tear as guests play. The more popular the game, the more likely these guest touchpoints will need to be replaced.

Vital game parts

It’s a great idea to keep parts on-hand that are vital to keeping the game running. These include power supplies, cables and harnesses, motors and sensors.

Even the most prepared operators sometimes experience down games due to unexpected circumstances. In these cases, it’s important to be able to quickly find an order any parts needed to get your game up and running again. Parts for LAI Games can be ordered 24/7 at and shipped overnight if needed.

Need help with one of our games?  Call the LAI Games Support Department at 469-521-7000, or email, and they will help you pinpoint the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.

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