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LAI Games has added social media and email functionality to their popular Snapshot photo booth. Players can now send their photos to a Facebook account or an email address. They also have the option of sending them to a dedicated Snapshot Facebook page, where they can view and comment on other players’ photos. The game will have social media capability in any location with Wi-Fi.

About the New Snapshot Features

The new Snapshot features utilize a touch-screen keyboard where players can type in a Facebook account or an email address to which they would like to send their photos. Photos are transferred immediately to the player’s account. In the Facebook option, players have the choice to accept or reject the photos being added to their photo album the next time they log in to their account.

Players also have the option of uploading photos to the Snapshot Wall, a dedicated Facebook page showcasing players’ photos from around the world. LAI Games conducts a monthly photo contest where the best photo submitted each month will be showcased on the site.

Snapshot Features

  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Send photos to Facebook or email account.
  • Upload photos to the Snapshot Wall.
  • User-friendly touch screen interface.
  • Small footprint: less than 2 square feet.
  • Lightweight & easy to transport.
  • Low-cost media: under 16¢/print
  • Logo and/or message on every print.
  • Extensive party rental settings.
  • Commercial quality 4” x 6” photos.
  • Collect photos on USB drive.
  • Fits in most vans and light trucks.
  • Easy to maintain & configure – fully automated with adjustable number of pictures and time play settings.
  • Optional Deluxe model with diamond plate floor, seating bar and more private curtain.
  • Extensive Photo Customization
  • Coin, Note Acceptor & Swipe Card Ready
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