LAI Games Challenges IAAPA to a Live Tournament for Outnumbered

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Dallas, TX USA – November 14, 2019  – LAI Games announced that they will be holding a live tournament at IAAPA Expo 2019 to celebrate the launch of their paradigm-shifting game Outnumbered, and to showcase their new Tournament Kit, a premium marketing tool they’ve created to support the game.

The Tournament Kit comes complete with promotional materials, trophies, swag for participants, rules and best-practice recommendations on everything from event registration to the awards ceremony. IAAPA Expo attendees can see the full kit on display and take part in the ongoing live tournament at LAI Games Booth #1034.

“Outnumbered is a highly competitive game that’s perfectly suited for tournaments. We saw a real opportunity to grow the community around the game and also give location owners a real marketing tool to drive traffic through their doors,” said Tabor Carlton, LAI Games Marketing Director. “We thought, what better way to show the value of our tournament kit than to hold a live tournament for attendees?”

The tournament will run from the opening of the doors on Tuesday November 19 until Thursday November 21 at 4:30pm, where the scores will be compared, and winners announced at 5pm with a live awards ceremony.

LAI Games stated that the tournament is open to everyone, including those interested in learning how the tournament process works, or those interested in some serious competition.

Register online for the IAAPA 2019 Outnumbered Tournament here.

“We hope everyone in the arcade community registers for the tournament so they can experience the game from the perspective of the player and see what it has to offer,” noted Carlton, “… if they’re not scared of a little friendly competition.”

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