LAI Games HYPERpitch Attracts Crowds, Pitching Talent at IAAPA

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Dallas, TX USA – December 13, 2019  – LAI Games new baseball-themed redemption game HYPERpitch drew a crowd of onlookers at IAAPA last month in Orlando. The single or double-player baseball-style pitching game attracted some incredible talent who gave the game a workout with consistent 90mph+ pitches. Nick Young with GOAT Events, threw multiple 100mph pitches – check out the video on the company’s Facebook page here.

HYPERpitch features dynamic lights that chase the ball down the HYPER Tunnel while explosive sound effects create an incredible sensation of power as the ball hits the target. This ticket redemption game creates a social competitive atmosphere that draws a crowd and gets players lining up for their turn. HYPERpitch will begin shipping later this month.

For complete information and videos, visit the HYPERpitch page or see the game for yourself at EAG Expo in London, January 14-16, in Harry Levy Booth #600.

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