LAI Games’ Snapshot 2 a Hit in Timezone Philippines

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LAI Games, a leading manufacturer of coin and card operated games and photo booths, recently celebrated the sale of their 55th unit of Snapshot 2 photo booth to Timezone Group.

With over 20,000 downloads of the Snapshot 2 Companion App and close to 129,000 photos being uploaded, Snapshot 2 has seen a lot of support and positive feedback from various locations. One such location is Timezone Philippines, where they are expected to have a total of 20 Snapshot 2 units across their portfolio of over 60 stores by January 2016.

“We’ve seen our income on this new machine rise three-fold from our previous photo machine – a truly amazing result! More important for us is seeing the faces of our many satisfied customers creating new happy memories inside our FECs – Priceless!!” said Rafael Prats Jr., the President of Timezone Philippines.

Customers have also indicated their satisfaction with the flattering lighting, integration with social media platforms, and the option to print multiple copies of their photos. “Selfie angle is my favorite. There are no other photo booths that offer this angle,” commented a customer of Timezone Philippines.

LAI Games will exhibit at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015 in Booth #611.

About Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2 is the winner of the AMOA’s Innovator Award for 2015. The Snapshot 2 photo booth gives players plenty to enjoy with an intuitive, touch-screen user interface, fresh content, and a host of photo-decorating features and filters. Via the Snapshot Companion mobile app, players can transfer photos between the booth and their personal mobile devices. Besides sharing photos on an unlimited number of social networks and applications, players can also import and print existing photos from their mobile phones. The booth has dual cameras for the classic photo and popular “selfie” angles. The commercial quality Mitsubishi Dye-sub printers also translate into a low operating cost with no media tie-in involved.

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