Snapshot Customer Support

FAQ for customers using Snapshot Photo Booth

I never received my photo, but I entered my email correctly.

Just like all of our games, when we sell a unit to an operator it is up to them to maintain and service the game or photo booth. If you entered the correct email address after taking the photos but haven’t received them yet, most likely the booth you used is having some Internet connection issues. Once the unit goes online again your picture should come through.

What you can do: Contact the location where you took your Snapshot photos and ask them to make sure their Snapshot is connected to the internet so you can receive your photos.

What do I do if I entered the incorrect email address?

Email address is the only way we are able to identify an individual photo, so unfortunately if we can’t find an image under the email address you claim to have entered or you can’t remember what you typed in at the booth, we won’t be able to recover your picture.

The booth didn’t ask for my email. Can I get a soft copy of my photo?

If the booth didn’t give you the option to enter your email, it means that it’s not connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do from our end if the operator decides to have their booth offline.

What you can do: Contact the location where you took your Snapshot photos and ask them to bring their booth online so you can get a soft copy of your picture next time.

Why can’t I download the Snapshot Companion App?

On November 27, 2020, the Snapshot Companion App was removed from the Google Play and iOS App Stores.

Why? Our goal for the Snapshot app was to make it as easy as possible for players to view and share their digital photos, but with constant improvements to native sharing and photo management across modern devices over the last few years, the app itself no longer offers the value that it once did.

Players can still enter an email address at the end of the game to receive free digital copies of their photos via email, just as they can right now, pending that the booth is connected to the internet (up to the operator) and the correct email address has been entered.