Snapshot Customer Support

FAQ for customers needing help recovering photos

Possible reasons you did not receive your photos

There are a few reasons why you might not have received your photos via email. Before you contact LAI Games to inquire about your photos please read the FAQ so you understand our capacity for support.

The Snapshot you took your photos at was not connected to the Internet

Just like all of our games, when we sell a unit to an operator it is up to them to maintain and service the game or photo booth.  If the operator has not connected Snapshot to the internet, you won’t receive your photos. If you have entered the correct email address, once the unit goes online you’ll recieve them.

What you can do: Contact the location where you took your Snapshot photos and ask them location to make sure their Snapshot is connected to the internet so you can receive your photos.


You entered the incorrect email address

It happens to all of us.  We hear you, you’re sure you entered the right one, but if it’s not in our system, it’s the most likely problem.  Email address is the only way we are able to identify an individual photo, so unfortunately if we can’t find an image under the email address you claim to have entered, this is one of the possible outcomes.


Your email address format suffers from a known glitch

One issue we detected with email addresses, is that if it contains a hyphen…