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LAI Games is set to unveil six new games in booth #1034 at the IAAPA Expo this month. Three never-before-seen redemption pieces will be shown: Speed of Light, Pirate Battle, and Rainy Days. In addition, LAI will debut three new prize merchandisers: Balloon Buster, Stacker Wall Street, and Drop Zone.

About Speed of Light


Speed of Light puts players’ speed and reflexes to the test. This redemption game features an attention-grabbing light matrix where players are challenged to press lit buttons to earn points. Upbeat music and lighting effects create a fast and frantic atmosphere, and the 8ft high open lattice and backlit platform make this a great centerpiece for any location. Operators can choose from various scoring and bonus options to customize the game for their locations.
At IAAPA, LAI will sponsor a Speed of Light competition. The player to rack up the most points during the show will win a $100 gift card. Visit booth #1034 to take the challenge!


About Pirate Battle

Pirate Battle by LAI Games Pirate Battle is a new ball toss redemption game with a pirate theme that will appeal to young children. Vibrant lighting and sound effects combine with pirate themed voices to create swashbuckling fun. Game play and scoring are simple, with different point values for small and large targets. The game ends with a five second frenzy where players can get double points. Operator adjustable settings include game duration, points or tickets option, and ticket payouts.
In addition to Pirate Battle, LAI has two other ball toss games in their new lineup. Princess Castle is a redemption piece created especially for little girls, with a pink and purple castle-themed cabinet and sound effects. Choo Choo Train is a railroad themed ball toss game. All three new ball tosses can be banked to create an appealing presentation for both boys and girls.

About Rainy Days

This ticket redemption game brings wet and wild excitement to youngsters. Rainy Days is a water game that challenges players to catch raindrops from thunder clouds to earn tickets. Realistic thunder and lightning sound and light effects add to the excitement. The game requires no plumbing – the water is auto-recycled and filtered. The game ends with a bonus round where the water flow is higher and points are doubled.


About Balloon Buster

Balloon Buster by LAI GamesLAI’s newest prize merchandiser is Balloon Buster, a carnival themed game where prizes are suspended by balloons. Players must guide a pin through a hole and pop a balloon to win one of five available prizes. Simple, quick game play encourages repeat attempts. Carnival themed graphics and voice messages add to the fun. Operators can choose from global or individual prize adjustment settings.


About Stacker Wall Street

Stacker Wall Street is a unique, wall-mounted Stacker game ideal for locations where space is at a premium such as bars, clubs, hotel lobbies, etc. The LED playfield is surrounded by four secure prize compartments with auto-locking doors. The stylish steel and tempered glass cabinet, engaging lighting and sound effects, and appealing Stacker game play make Stacker Wall Street a profitable way to utilize wall space.


About Drop Zone

LAI has another great addition to its prize merchandising lineup with Drop Zone. An LED playfield sets the stage for simple but inviting game play that has players attempting to catch a stack of falling blocks between a pair of “catcher” blocks. It works very much like the children’s game of trying to catch a falling ruler between your hands. As play continues, the blocks fall faster and the catchers get smaller. Players who reach the Minor Prize level can choose to accept an inexpensive prize or try for a Major Prize. The cabinet is made of durable steel and features dynamic graphics and lighting effects. An optional, “Win Every Time” cabinet dispenser is available.

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