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LAI Games is set to unveil five new games in booth #1031 at the IAAPA Expo this month. Never before seen games include the Mega Spin redemption wheel, Little Speedy redemption game for youngsters, and the Toy Zone premium crane. The full production models of Balloon Buster and Stacker Wall Street, two new prize vending games, will also be on display.

Balloon Buster

Balloon Buster by LAI GamesThis much anticipated carnival themed prize merchandiser vends prizes suspended by balloons. Players must guide a dart through a hole and pop a balloon to win one of the five available prizes. Simple, quick game play encourages repeat attempts. Vintage-looking cabinet graphics and carnival barker voice prompts add to the fun. Operators can choose from global or individual prize adjustment settings.

Mega Spin

Mega SpinMega Spin takes redemption wheels to a new level! The game is 3 wheels in one, each with a chance to win higher ticket values than the one before. Players spin the inner wheel, and if they land on a space with an arrow, they have the choice to either take their winnings or risk them all to move to the next wheel to try for even more tickets. Those who are successful can move all the way to the outer wheel and try for the Mega Ticket Jackpot! The towering, 8-foot high futuristic cabinet makes this a great signature piece for any game room.

Little Speedy

little-speedyLittle Speedy is the new pint-sized version of the award-winning Speed of Light redemption game. It challenges little ones to turn off lit buttons as fast as they can to win points and tickets! Sized just right, the brightly colored cabinet and friendly voice announcer invite youngsters in. Fun and simple game play keeps them coming back for more!

Toy Zone Crane

Toy Zone is the new premium crane from LAI Games. The steel and tempered glass cabinet is decorated with friendly plush artwork. Stunning LED lighting and catchy music attract attention. Toy Box features include multiple operator settings and a secure 3-pin locking system. It’s an attractive piece for any game room.

Stacker Wall Street

stacker-wallstreetStacker Wall Street is a unique, wall-mounted Stacker ideal for locations where space is at a premium such as bars, clubs, hotel lobbies, etc. The LED playfield is surrounded by four secure prize compartments with auto-locking doors. The stylish steel and tempered glass cabinet, engaging lighting and sound effects, and appealing Stacker game play make Stacker Wall Street a profitable way to utilize wall space.

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