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LAI Games is set to showcase their full lineup of new games in booth #607 at the Amusement Expo next month. New prize vending games include Stack ‘N’ Grab and Catch ‘N’ Grab plush merchandisers and Mega Stacker. Additionally, LAI will feature the new children’s video driving game, Willie Wheels.

About Stack ‘N’ Grab and Catch ‘N’ Grab


Stack ‘N’ Grab is a prize merchandising game that gives players two experiences in one. First, the player attempts to win a shortened version of LAI’s award-winning Stacker game. If successful, they can then select the prize of their choice with a special 4-pronged crane claw that guarantees prize delivery.

Because the crane portion of the game is dependent on winning the Stacker portion, operators have improved control over the game’s payout compared to traditional cranes. The game is shipped with interchangeable claws for 4”-8” and 8”-14” toys and has operator adjustable settings. 3D artwork on the cabinet attracts attention, with the help of lighting and sound effects.


Another game with the same cabinet style will also be shown, called Catch ‘N’ Grab. Catch ‘N’ Grab uses the same crane prize delivery mechanism as Stack ‘N’ Grab, but the game play is different. Instead of Stacker, the player is challenged to a game of Drop Zone, where players attempt to catch a stack of blocks between two stacks of “catcher” blocks. If successful at catching the blocks to the Win level, they get to select their prize with the crane claw.


About Mega Stacker

mega-stacker At over 8 feet long and nearly 10 feet tall, Mega Stacker creates a huge, attention-grabbing presence in large game rooms. The striking mega-size LED playfield, dynamic cabinet lighting and pulse-pounding sound effects attract a crowd.Mega Stacker is a prize vending and redemption game rolled into one. When players stack the blocks to the Minor prize level, the game vends an operator-selectable number of tickets. Those who reach the Major prize level get to choose from among five prizes housed in lighted window compartments. The two largest compartments are 19” wide by 33” tall by 16” deep, and the three others are 19” wide by 19” tall by 16” deep, accommodating large and impressive major prizes.


About Willie Wheels

willie-wheelsWillie Wheels is a children’s video driving game that gives kids a license to drive. After completing one of nine driving courses of varying difficulty with the help of cartoon friends, this game vends a colorful “driver’s license” card in one of 24 collectible designs. Five hundred cards ship with each game. Features include a 32” video screen, attractive car-shaped cabinet with realistic steering wheel and horn, and an “auto-move” mode to help younger players navigate the track.

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