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LAI Games announces a new update for the hit merchandising game, Balloon Buster. The update features a variety of benefits, including self-checking auto alignment. With the press of two buttons, operators can easily align their game in a short amount of time. After aligning, the self-check function will go back and double-check the alignment to make sure there are no errors. Instead of a full alignment being run every time prizes are added or balloons replaced, a quick alignment self-check is all that is needed. This saves operators time and hassle, and eliminates the chance of human error.

The new self-checking auto alignment feature makes Balloon Buster one of the easiest merchandisers to own and operate. With only 5 prize arms, stocking the game with prizes and balloons is easy and fast. In addition, the alignment procedure takes a fraction of the time compared to similar games. Very high quality Sempertex balloons, provided with the game, stay inflated for weeks at a time with no need for replacing. And the top quality prize hangers (included) are laser-proof and keep your prizes secure.

All new Balloon Buster units now shipping will feature this upgrade. Customers with existing units can contact LAI’s Meredith Combs to request the upgrade: (469) 521-7000, ext. 514, or email

About Balloon Buster

This carnival-themed prize merchandiser has nostalgic appeal for all audiences. Players must guide a dart through a hole and pop a balloon to win one of the five available prizes. Simple, quick game play encourages repeat attempts. Vintage-looking cabinet graphics and carnival barker voice prompts add to the fun. Operators can choose from global or individual prize adjustment settings.

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