LAI’s Snapshot 2 Photo Booth Hits Milestones

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Snapshot 2, the AMOA Innovator Award winning photo booth from LAI Games, has seen close to 38,000 downloads of the Snapshot Companion App to date and 275,000 player photos uploaded.

In 2015, LAI Games expanded the Snapshot 2 product line to include two additional models. The super-sized Snapshot 2 Studio is a centerpiece booth for larger locations, while the collapsible Snapshot 2 Portable is the perfect event rental booth.

Mike Abecassis, CEO of GameTime said, “The Snapshot 2 Studio is a stellar piece. LAI got a lot of things right with this booth. Our guests vote with their dollars, and our guests are voting for this photo booth more than any other. It is one of the unsung heroes of our game room. The cost per vend is one of the leading factors in our decision to buy the booth, and one of the best.”

With Snapshot 2, LAI has not only introduced hardware and software innovation, but also implemented a business model that is highly profitable for operators. Operators now have the freedom to buy the media directly from the manufacturer (Mitsubishi) or its distributors. This brings the cost per vend down to about 16 cents. For more information or a detailed comparison of all models, visit

Come and experience Snapshot 2 at the Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas this month, Booth 326.

About Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2 is the winner of the AMOA’s Innovator Award for 2015. The Snapshot 2 photo booth gives players plenty to enjoy with an intuitive, touch-screen user interface, fresh content, and a host of photo-decorating features and filters. Via the Snapshot Companion mobile app, players can transfer photos between the booth and their personal mobile devices. Besides sharing photos on an unlimited number of social networks and applications, players can also import and print existing photos from their mobile phones. The booth has dual cameras for the classic photo and popular “selfie” angles. The commercial quality Mitsubishi Dye-sub printers also translate into a low operating cost with no media tie-in involved.

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