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LAI Games’ Speed of Light has undergone a transformation since its original release. Improvements made to the game have not only enhanced the appearance of the already attractive game, but have also added features that help both operators and players. The game received under-floor lighting, a powder-coated metal background grid, and instruction panels explaining single and double-player game play. The new under-floor lighting added to the base of the game helps to make the platform more visible and gives it an attractive glow in dark game rooms. The background grid enables operators to have more choices of where to place the game, for example, in front of an unsightly wall. The new instruction panels give players a visual illustration of how to play in single and double-player modes. This encourages more doubles play, and therefore, higher revenues.

Speed of Light by LAI Games

About Speed of Light

Speed of Light is a truly unique redemption game. It consists of an 8-foot high, visibly arresting display of lights arranged in a large matrix in front of the player(s). The objective is to press as many illuminated buttons as you can as quickly as possible to earn points and tickets. The result is a thrilling redemption game that tests players’ speed and reflexes, while giving onlookers an entertaining show in the process. Energetic music and lighting effects accompany game play.

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