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LAI Games’ Stack ‘N’ Grab plush merchandiser has been nominated as a finalist for the 2011 AMOA Innovator Award. The game’s innovations include a patent-pending prize delivery mechanism that allows winners to use a special 4-pronged crane claw to select their prize. Also, the game gives operators improved control over the prize payout compared to traditional cranes, because the crane portion of the game is dependent on winning the Stacker game portion. The game ships with two crane claw sizes, giving operators the choice to merchandise the game with small or large plush.
Last year, LAI’s Mini Little Masterpiece touch-screen coloring game won the AMOA Innovator Award.

About Stack ‘N’ Grab


Stack ‘N’ Grab is a prize merchandising game that gives players two experiences in one. First, the player attempts to win a shortened version of LAI’s award-winning Stacker game. If successful, they can then select the prize of their choice with a special 4-pronged crane claw that guarantees prize delivery. The game is shipped with interchangeable claws for 4”-8” and 8”-14” toys and has operator adjustable settings. 3D artwork on the cabinet attracts attention, with the help of lighting and sound effects.
Stack ‘N’ Grab will be on display in Booth #607 at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, March 1 – 3.

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