5 Useful Tips For Operating Let’s Bounce

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Tips & Tricks For Getting The Most Out Of Your Let’s Bounce Game

Let’s Bounce is an instant classic in any Midway. The competition and suspense that the game brings are a huge hit with guests as they race against the clock to clear the last few remaining tiles!  Following these simple tips will help ensure your Let’s Bounce game runs smoothly and keeps your guest coming back again and again.

Let's Bounce Game - 5 Tips to Maximize Revenue in your FEC


#1 – Reward Your Best Players

For maximum returns, be sure to reward your players with an appropriate amount of Bonus Tickets. We suggest the Bonus Ticket value to be equal to the ticket payout of a single game play by a talented player. This way, players effectively get double tickets for beating the high score, while eliminating incentive for cheating.


#2 – Count Your Ping Pong Balls

Although your Let’s Bounce comes with 200 Ping Pong Balls, we recommend loading your Let’s Bounce game ball hopper with no more than 50-100. Overfilling the hopper will cause jams under the ball gate.

Check the balls periodically to make sure they are all clean and undamaged. Discard and replace any balls that are cracked or deformed. We tested a wide range of ping pong balls to find a product with the right balance of cost and quality. We strongly recommend buying your ping pong balls directly from us, or sourcing high-quality ping pong balls to ensure the best gameplay experience and avoid cheap ping pong balls causing technical issues in the long-term.


#3 – Maintain the Tiles

The playfield consists of 45 tiles. Each tile is a delicate assembly containing a precision PCB sensor used to detect the vibration caused by a ping-pong ball hit. Extra care should be taken when handling and cleaning so as not to damage the mounting.

Tile issues are extremely rare, but in the unlikely occurrence of a failure you can disable individual tiles via the operator menu. This allows players to play the game as per normal with no effect to gameplay or their chances of winning the bonus. When the first online tile is hit at the start of the game, it will simulate all the offline tiles being hit as well. They will light up and points are awarded to the player as though they were hit.


Let's Bounce Game - 45 Tiles


#4 – Get Our Recommended Spare Parts

It’s always a good idea to keep a few spare common parts available. Having some basic items on hand is key to maintain the game’s performance and ensures Let’s Bounce never misses an opportunity to earn you revenue. We recommend getting an additional PCB disc sensor and always keep stock of 200 ping pong balls on the shelf.

An extra Instruction Panel Sticker Set will also come in handy to keep the game looking fresh.

Contact our parts department to place an order.


# 5 – General Game Maintenance

Just like maintaining any arcade game, there are a few simple things you can check as part of routine game maintenance:

  • Regularly dust and clean the external cabinet areas as required, using a soft water-damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Check below the playfield for stuck balls, clear out any obstructions to allow balls to roll freely.
  • Regularly dust and vacuum the interior of the cabinet, taking care to remove any objects that may have fallen in.
  • Check the ball dispenser sensors are clear, blow out any dust from the optical sensors.
  • Check the ball lifter is free from obstructions and balls roll easily into lifter wheel. Don’t manually move the ball gate or lifter – always use the Run Tests in the Operator Menu to check functionality and inspect the ball area.


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