Community Spotlight: Lyssy Noel

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In this Community Spotlight, we talked to Lyssy Noel about her ability to inspire people of all ages to get out to the arcade to play games, and being the (first?) girl arcade YouTuber!  Yes! 

Lyssy uploads arcade videos to her Lyssy Noel channel and also has a second channel called LyssysLife where she posts vlogs, tutorials and more. She has gained thousands of fans on YouNow, and Instagram in addition to YouTube. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Outside of the arcade, there’s a lot of things many people don’t know about me! First off, I’m a huge art lover! I’ve always been into art and creating things whether it’s hands-on crafts or digital art. I love graphic design and drawing and claw work it’s something I’ve always had a passion for. I also love sports, I played tennis for 7 years and before I started doing YouTube my dream was to become a professional tennis player. However, I ended up getting injured and it led me to become a full-time YouTuber! I also love dog training, I own a Boston terrier chihuahua mix named Trixie & she’s my best friend! Other than all of that I do another YouTube channel where I work with my best friends and we do gaming videos about Roblox and other fun things! That channel is called imlovelylyssy and also I’m apart of a squad called “The Blonde Squad!” I have so many other fun things I enjoy such as making tik toks, travelling the world, cooking, singing & Disneyland! Disneyland is my second home!


How did your love affair with arcade games begin?

My addiction to arcade games began when I was 6 years old! I remember going to an arcade at a pizza place and my grandfather gave me a dollar for the claw machine, I was too short to even see into the machine and I remember just hitting the button on the crane game and it went down and grabbed a teddy bear my first try! Ever since then I had an obsession with claw machines and fascination with arcade games. I would always beg my family for spare quarters to play the claw machine and I found out it was a talent and skill of mine to be able to win them! I always was drawn to the colorful lights on the games and they made me happy and I just got a thrill out of winning the games!


What gave you the idea to start producing arcade videos on YouTube?

My main inspiration for starting an arcade YouTube channel was Matt3756! I grew up watching his arcade videos and I was going to arcades constantly and doing DIY videos on YouTube and I thought to myself, why not try being the first only girl arcade Youtuber? So I started posting weekly arcade videos and people loved it! And now I’ve become a huge part of the arcade community and icon to girls who love arcades!


What’s your favorite game and why?

My favorite arcade game is hands down the claw machine! Because I love the thrill and challenge of grabbing a prize! Other then claw machines for ticket games my favorite would have to be space invaders! I could play that game for hours I love the sounds the game makes and the challenge of winning the jackpot each time!


Do you have a favorite arcade (or a local arcade you want to give a shout out)?

I’d have to say my favorite arcade is Neofuns! I love it because it is so unique, affordable and the prizes and games are so cute! It’s everything I’d dream for in an arcade.

Do you follow any other arcade Youtubers or bloggers?

Yes! I follow Matt3756 because he’s a wonderful friend of mine and the inspiration to why I started to post arcade videos. He’s the OG of the arcade community and such a down to earth and humble positive role model and wonderful person! I’m glad I can call him an inspiration and a friend. I also love following Kawaii Arcade Masters! They make so many unique arcade videos and are such a wonderful family, I collabed with them at Neofuns and they are absolutely the sweetest people ever! Their content is so amazing and cute! Other than that I don’t really watch too many others on the regular. The community is small but I look up to the content that’s positive and the creators behind it sharing good messages! I know some of the community likes to show the negative aspects of arcades such as cheating, stealing from games, or lying about prizes they win! I always strive to support and watch channels that are sharing positive impacts to our community!


What are your predictions for the future of the arcade industry?

I’m hoping that the arcade industry keeps expanding and growing in the future. I really hope that people see the value in creating new arcade games and making new arcade machines. Arcades are something that brings families and friends together to bond, and one of my absolute favorite things in the world. I hope for the future of the arcade industry to create new and absolutely unique arcade machines like never before with new concepts that we haven’t yet created! I also hope a lot of the games and machines that are in Japan make their way to the American arcade industry because those games are some of the most unique and eye-catching creative arcade games I’ve seen yet!


Is there anything you’d like to see manufacturers do differently for the modern arcade?

Yeah! I’d love to see manufacturers do more unique things with modern arcades. I recently saw an arcade somehow have this feature where when you won a jackpot on an arcade game there was one huge TV in the game room and the machine had a webcam and your face would pop up on the TV and it showed you as the “jackpot winner”! It was the most unique thing I’ve seen with technology recently at an arcade. I also love how some arcades let you recharge game cards on your phone! I’d love to see new games being released and maybe more unique prizes placed into arcades and claw machines. There’s so many different visions and ideas I have when it comes to arcades and games!


Where do you see your channel going in the future?

I see a LOT of change with my channel, actually, currently, it’s undergoing major changes as to why I took a small break! I plan on having my channel become the most unique and up to trend arcade channel on YouTube. I want to inspire kids and people of all ages to get out to arcades and play some games! I also want to share tips and tricks of course on the best ways to win. I have so many exciting plans for my channel and the future of it I know will be amazing!

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