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LAI Games’ Mega Stacker is reaping surprising benefits in redemption centers that go beyond the game’s impressive revenues. In the five months since the first Mega Stacker shipped, redemption location operators have reported a greater player awareness of prize counter offerings, resulting in increased player interest in the location’s entire redemption lineup.
In contrast to LAI’s extensive line of ticket redemption games, Mega Stacker is the first to combine both a prize merchandiser and a redemption game into a single unit. Players reaching the Minor Prize level of the game receive an operator-selectable amount of tickets, while those who reach the Major Prize level get to choose a prize from one of five lighted window compartments. Savvy operators use those compartments as a mini-redemption counter, filling them with the most coveted prizes and advertising how many tickets or credits are needed to win each prize. In this way, players recognize that there are two ways they can win: continue to play Mega Stacker and try for a Major Prize, or play the games they believe will yield the most tickets until they have earned the prize. Locations report that this creates increased demand for the entire game room. Operators select the prize payout that is appropriate for the value of their major prizes and the price per play of the game, to insure a fair and exciting experience for players while maximizing profits.
Steve Veach, National Games Manager for Brunswick Bowling, said, “Mega Stacker is one of our top earners, and it creates a lot of excitement in the entire game room.”

About Mega Stacker

Mega Stacker by LAI Games

At over 8 feet wide and nearly 10 feet tall, Mega Stacker creates a striking presence in large game rooms. The mega-size LED playfield, dynamic cabinet lighting and pulse-pounding sound effects attract a crowd. Mega Stacker is both a prize vendor and a redemption game. When players stack the large LED blocks to the “Ticket Level”, the game vends an operator-selectable number of tickets. Those who reach the Major prize level get to choose from among five prizes housed in spacious, lighted window compartments.

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