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LAI Games’ new Mega Stacker is voted the Players’ Number One game in Replay Magazine’s Players’ Choice Poll.

Players can’t get enough of Mega Stacker – the latest instant prize redemption game to take the market by storm. With a huge presence combined with a compelling and familiar game, players cannot resist its charms. With average earnings exceeding $3,000 a week the huge popularity of Mega Stacker is driving exceptional cash box returns and is a “must have” for every game centre.

About Mega Stacker

Mega Stacker combines both a prize merchandiser and a ticket redemption game into a single unit. Players reaching the Minor Prize level of the game receive an operator-selectable amount of tickets, while those who reach the Major Prize level get to choose a prize from one of five lighted window compartments.

Alternatively, Mega Stacker is available in an all-ticket version as well as an all-prize version, with the ticket dispenser being replaced by a capsule dispenser. Extensive operator-selectable settings, including prize payout, enable operators to maximize profits at many different major prize price points.

At over 8 feet wide and nearly 10 feet tall, Mega Stacker creates a striking presence in large game rooms. The mega-size LED playfield, dynamic cabinet lighting and pulse-pounding sound effects really attract the crowds.

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