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We recently had a chat with YouTube stars Angel & Crystal from Plush Time Wins (PTW). The energetic couple created their YouTube Channel back in 2014 as a way to share their arcade adventures with others, and have created an incredible fan base since then. Their Plush Time Wins channel has more than 1.7 Million subscribers where they share arcade trips, fun challenges and games. They also have Plush Time Vlogs where they share their more personal side, posting a variety of videos from their travels to their daily habits.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Angel: I enjoy travelling to different countries to experience new cultures.

Crystal: I live in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida! I love arcade games, but when I’m not collecting loads of tickets and spending hours in the arcade looking for what prizes I’m going to get next, I enjoy going to the movies. I like going shopping and some of my favorite things to do when I’m out shopping or travelling is venturing out to explore coffee and boba shops!


How did your love affair with arcade games come about?

Angel: As a kid, I enjoyed visiting arcades on family vacations. Every vacation we would visit Pigeon Forge, TN and just have a good time. I was always thrilled to win a ton of tickets so I could get some cool prize. That cool prize was usually just a handful of candy, but it was still so much fun.

Crystal: I’ve always loved playing arcade games. Air hockey and Skeeball were my childhood favorites. I always felt like I could beat anyone at air hockey as a kid! My love for claw machines started just a few years ago in college. Angel and I went to our local Walmart and we played the claw machines. We won so many prizes and just like that, I was hooked!


What’s your favorite game and why?

Angel: Speed of Light is definitely my favorite arcade game. I enjoy the challenge of speed and accuracy.

Crystal: I really enjoy playing Gold Fishing. It’s a game of skill and it is so addicting.


Do you have a favorite arcade?

Angel: Having been to so many different arcades it is hard to pick one as my favorite. Let me just say, I have two handfuls of favorite arcades.

Crystal: There are so many great arcades to choose from! A couple of my favorite arcades include Dave & Buster’s and Arcade City.


Do you follow any other arcade Youtubers?

Angel: Of course, Dragon Claw Games is a great channel. Check them out.

Crystal: I honestly don’t watch much YouTube, unless it is catching up on celebrity news.


What is the best aspect of what you do and why?

Angel: The ability to get up and go somewhere, whether it is in another state or another country, just to visit arcades, is so awesome!

Crystal: Always having fun and winning! How can you not get excitement and fulfilment winning lots of tickets and prizes?!


What is the message you want your audience to take away from your content?

Angel: Find something that you really enjoy doing and DO IT!

Crystal: Always be yourself and always have fun.


Do you have any predictions for the future of the industry?

Angel: I would like to see fewer games that are made for fads/mobile games.

Crystal: The arcade industry is always coming out with fun innovative games and I definitely look forward to seeing what is next!

Check out Plush Time Wins’ site and subscribe to their arcade YouTube Channels

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