Prize Box – The Best Thing to Happen to Bars Since Alcohol

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Prize Box, the perfect addition to your bar?

Pound for pound, Prize Box might just be the arcade industry’s highest earning product, but it’s also raising eyebrows as a fun, social activity perfect for happy hour hangout spots. If you’re a bar owner looking to engage your patrons with something other than pool or darts, or add a unique attraction to your venue, Prize Box may be just the ticket.

Prize Box with White Claw Cans
Download the Prize Box Bar Case Study

Download the Prize Box Case Study

Riot Hospitality Group (RHG) owns 10 restaurants/bars, primarily in the Scottsdale, AZ area. Earlier this year, they had the idea to vend alcohol from a claw machine in a couple of their bar locations. After looking at many types of cranes, they settled on Prize Box because it doesn’t look like a kid’s game, has a clean design and a small footprint that didn’t get in their patrons way at the venue.

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