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How to customize your Snapshot 2 footer: Step-by-step guide


With Snapshot 2 you can create your own personalized footer for your customers’ prints. Add your location name & details, logos, or a celebratory message to the bottom of every photo. We have prepared a simple step by step guide to show you how to set it up in just 5 minutes.

Snapshot 2 Photo Booth Customize Footer Graphic


Before starting, make sure you have created footer logo file following these specifications:

  • Size: 1386 x 150 pixels at 72 DPI
  • Format: PNG
  • File name: watermark

Personalized footer example


1.     Save the file in the root directory of a USB flash drive (not within any folders).

2.     Insert the flash drive into the USB port located on the operator panel.

3.     Enter the Operator Menu > Game Settings > Footer Logos

4.     Select  the IMPORT button.

You will hear a success sound effect (ding!) if the import worked, and an unhappy error sound if it failed (if it failed to find the file, for example).

5.     Select the VIEW FOOTER LOGOS button.

6.     Use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll down to your new image and select Set as Active.

7.     Press the green Back button to go back to the main Footer Logos Menu and your new image should be visible as the active footer logo.

Finished! You have successfully completed the process of customizing your footer graphic!


Extra Tip: You can easily deactivate your footer logo just by selecting the On/Off button on main Footer Logos menu. This option allows you to enable or disable printing the footer logo along the bottom of all photos at any time!


Download the editable file that you can modify to change the message and logos and create your own footer.

Snapshot 2 customized footer printable guide


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