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Join us for Name That Game Nov 17!

Name That Game is a brand new virtual game show, hosted by LAI Games at the Virtual Orlando Social Crawl. Come join us for this free social event!

The event kicks off Nov 17 at 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

ShowUp Virtual Orlando Social Crawl

What is Name That Game?

Name That Game is a trivia game show specifically created for the ShowUp Virtual Orlando Social Crawl, where industry peers and colleagues go head-to-head to answer questions on arcade history, games, and pop culture.  There are multiple question formats, from unscrambling the name of a game, guessing a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style puzzle, identifying a game through picture clues, and general knowledge trivia.

Here’s how it will work:

The show will stream live for anyone who wants to sit back and watch, and anyone is able to request access to play!  To join in, an audience member will simply click a button to request webcam access, and the game show host will allow (up to) 2 contestants access to compete in any given round.

Win one of 3 Amazon Gift Cards

If going head-to-head, the first person to ‘Clap In‘ (unless you have a buzzer handy!) will be eligible to answer the question. They’ll have 10 seconds to provide a correct answer, and if they can’t the chance to answer will go to contestant #2.  A winning answer will see that person added to the pool of names to win 1 of 3 gift cards.  Play as many times as you like!  Just jump to the back of the line and wait your turn to try again.

If no correct answer is given, a new round will begin with the same contestants.   After 3 unsuccessful rounds, we’ll say goodbye to those players and bring some new contestants on stage.

LAI Games is a founding sponsor of ShowUp

The Virtual Orlando Social Crawl is the free social event for the Location-based entertainment industry. Get your free tickets right now and join us for all the activities Nov 17 at 7pm EST.