Speed of Light: Time to Review!

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Our Speed of Light game is a perennial crowd-pleaser with a large player following and remains a top pick for any entertainment venue. 

This original redemption game launched in 2011 and not only has it been a huge YouTube phenomenon over many years, it ranks as one of the most popular arcade games of all time! Players continue to post videos of their game play to social media, including celebrities like Justin Bieber! It’s still a fantastic game for operators, with its huge and attractive light matrix and unique, physical game play that attracts a crowd and encourages friendly competition.  Speed of Light truly stands out from the redemption crowd.

Here are some ideas and recommendations from our games experts to ensure you are making the most of your Speed of Light game.


Speed of Light Game Operating Tips

# 1 – General Game Maintenance


Regularly dust and clean the external cabinet areas as required, using a soft damp cloth and mild soapy water. Any scratches or marks in the acrylic can be buffed out using car polish or cut and polish. Do not use solvents on the panels as it may affect the finish or artwork.


Regularly dust and vacuum the interior of the cabinet, taking care to remove any dust and loose tickets that often accumulate on the inside. Always turn the game off and remove the power cable when cleaning. Routinely check and tighten all fixing hardware and fasteners. See the assembly instructions for areas to pay extra attention to.


#2 – Keep the High Score Bonus Achievable

It’s highly recommended you set the “Retain High Score” setting on your Speed of Light game to OFF. This will reset the “Beat High Score” value each day, giving players a much better chance of achieving bonus tickets target and encouraging repeat play.


#3 – Speed of Light Game Audits

The “Audits” function in our games are full of useful information and insights into customer behavior. Read on to see how you can make some calculated adjustments to maximize guest enjoyment and earning potential.

A.    AUDITS 1, 2 & 3

By comparing A1 [TOTAL NUMBER OF GAMES PLAYED] to A2 [TOTAL 1 PLAYER GAMES] and A3 [TOTAL 2 PLAYER GAMES], it will tell you which gameplay mode your customers prefer: Multi-player (head to head) games or single player games.

If multi-player games are a smaller percentage, consider promoting this as they are very exciting for the guests. You will often see larger groups of 4 to 6 players engaging in team challenges.


Here are some ideas to promote Head to Head games:

  • Add some over-head signage: “Challenge your friends here”, “Are you the Alpha in your pack?”, “And the Champion is…”.
  • Increase the number of games per credit in the 2-player game mode. The default setting is 1. You can adjust/personalize this and set the number of games from 1 to 20 plays for each credit.
  • Activate multiple bonus pricing in the 2-player game mode (Default OFF)


B.    AUDITS 9 & 10

Check the “High Score Bonus Wins” [A9 and A10] values to ensure your “Beat High Score” setting is not too low (too many wins) or too high (not enough wins). A9 and A10 show the total number of games that won the ‘Beat the high score bonus’. If this is low over the time period, then your “Beat High Score” value is too high. A good target is 10-20% of players beat the high score.

Your “Current High Score” setting can be change up to 990 or down to your “Default High Score” at anytime.


C.    AUDIT 12

Check the “Average Tickets Per Game” value [A12] to ensure you’re hitting your preferred ticket payout percentage.

If your Speed of Light is not meeting the target percentage, we recommend adjusting the Number of Points Per Ticket setting [P12]. This is the number of points the player must score to accumulate each ticket and it is adjustable 1-100.

Less points per ticket to increase payout, more points per ticket to reduce payout.


# 4 – Take care of the buttons 

The game buttons get a real workout from your energetic customers, so it’s important to do weekly checks of their blue covers, lamps and switches through the ‘Sound, Lamps and Display Test’. Replace any lamps, micro switches or buttons that are not functioning 100%.

Your Speed of Light game comes with 5 extra blue buttons and we highly recommend keeping that amount in stock. With a high volume of energetic gameplay some of these will need to be replaced over time.

Contact our parts department to place an order and make sure your Speed of Light is never out-of-service unnecessarily.


Brochures for download, manual and drawings for game room planning can be found here.



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