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History Mode

A customer comes up to you and says he won the game but didn’t get his prize. How do you know if he really won?


If the prize didn’t fall, the prize counter did not increment. No problem, you can check the game history. “History” mode like the “Switch” or “Input Test” mode discussed in the last tech tip is a mode common to most LAI games. It allows you to see what level the game ended at for the last ten games.

To access “History” mode, you need to access the “Test” and “Service” buttons behind the coin door. Then you will need to press the Test button about 6 to 7 times to step through the different modes until you see “HHHH” on your credit display. Now press the service button 1 time and you will be able to see the level that the last game played ended at. The last ten games played are stored in “History” mode, so each time you press the “Service” button you will be able to see how the previous game ended. You will want to refer to the “Game History Mode” section of the manual for your specific game as it will be displayed differently for each game. For instance on a Light House, the “Level” light lights up and the needle moves to the position it was in when the game ended. Stacker shows the blocks as they were stacked in the last game and displays the number of successful stacks.

When you have the information you need, just press the “Test” button again until you see the normal credit display “Cr00” and you are back in business.


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