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Output Test

This month we are looking at another test mode common to many LAI games, the output or “r” test mode.

This mode is handy for checking to see if all your lights are lighting up, prize arm screws are turning or crane motors are working, etc. The operation of the “r test” varies somewhat from game to game depending on the outputs available on that game. For Speed of Light it allows you to test the ticket mech functionality. For theStacker line up you can test the prize arms and associated lights. On the Stack ‘N’ Grab and Catch ‘N’ Grab you can test the crane and claw functionality. Refer to the game manual for specifics. To enter the output test, open the coin door and press the “test” button approx. 3 times until your credit display shows 4 “r”s.

20120627 - Tech Tip 3 - Output Test 2

Now press the “service” button once and you should be at function “r1”.

20120627 - Tech Tip 3 - Output Test 3

If you are doing this on a Stacker, the lights around prize arm 1 should be lit up and pressing the “Start/Stop” button will cause the prize arm screw to turn. Pressing the “service” button will take you through the rest of the prize arms. If you are working with a Stack ‘N’ Grab, you may move the joystick to move the crane around.

As you can see the “output” or “r” test can be a handy troubleshooting tool. Next time you are working with an LAI game, give the “r” test mode a try. It’s a great way to eliminate certain items from the list of what’s working and what isn’t.

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