The Big Expansion Pack has arrived

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Dallas, TX USA – August 20, 2019  – Leading game manufacturer LAI Games has officially announced the launch of the highly anticipated Expansion Pack for Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride. The Big Expansion Pack adds 3 brand new premium experiences to the existing lineup.  With experiences ranging from Mild to Extreme, along with The Big Ride’s first interactive experience, there is truly something for everyone.

Location owners and operators can now add 3 new experiences to their existing lineup through a software upgrade which comes bundled with The Big Expansion Pack.  If you currently own The Big Ride all you need to do is contact the authorized distributor you purchased your game from. They can discuss pricing, and in most cases shipping will be available almost immediately.

The new experiences are well-crafted and fully immersive. Ranging from Mild to Extreme, there is something for everyone.  The lineup includes Kitchen Catastrophe, Space Skirmish and Coaster Calamity.

Kitchen Catastrophe

You’ve been shrunk to the size of an egg… don’t get cracked like one! Hop behind the wheel of your toy car and escape the mad Rabbid Chef in his gigantic kitchen. Beware the flying utensils and take cover in the drains! Experience mammoth moments of fun from your pint-sized perspective!

Space Skirmish

Speed through the galaxy as you encounter UFOs (Unbelievably Funny Obstacles), and take control in our first interactive stage, by blasting your way through the enemy stronghold and shooting at the numerous spaceships and Robo-Rabbids coming after you!

Coaster Calamity

Do you have the stomach to embark on an extreme rollercoaster adventure, specially designed by a team of harebrained Rabbids? Climb into your carriage and hold on for an epic journey, full of breathtaking heights, hilarious drops, and logic-defying twists and turns!

Learn more about Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride on the game’s product page, or contact an LAI Games sales rep or your authorized distributor.

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