The Evolution of Virtual Rabbids

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Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. Launched at IAAPA 2017, the game was the industry’s first unattended VR attraction, created to be as easy to operate as any other arcade game. It both created and set the benchmark for the new game category and is still the gold standard to this day.

Among over 20 unattended VR products now on the scene, Virtual Rabbids generates the most revenue, has a reputation for reliability, and offers not only the highest number of experiences of any unattended VR but the best AAA quality content from Ubisoft, a leader in consumer VR. The premium D-BOX motion base accurately simulates the in-game action, with hundreds of ‘textures’ that bring the experience to life and make it the most immersive experience available.

Over 1,000 Operators Can’t Be Wrong

With over 1,000 sales to date, operators continue to place their trust in Virtual Rabbids and LAI Games, setting benchmarks for reliability, and product and operational success.  Since launch, the company has:  

  • Doubled the game’s content from three to six ride experiences, including the industry’s first interactive unattended VR ride, Space Skirmish. 
  • Designed multiple free Media Kits that allow operators to market the game to guests. 
  • Added built-in hygiene features as standard to give guests peace of mind when riding. 
  • Created multiple sizes of the game to fit any venue.

    Probably the Most-played VR Content, Ever.

    Virtual Rabbids is likely the most highly played piece of VR content on any platform in the world! 

    The New Evolution of Virtual Rabbids

    It’s inevitable that technology will continue to advance, and we’ve seized the opportunity to create a brand-new version of the best VR game on the market and take the experience to a whole new level.  

    Introducing Virtual Rabbids Ultra HD, the next evolution in unattended VR. HTC Vive Pro 2 headsets give guests a wider field of view and 5K resolution – the highest resolution available for VR. The latest GeForce RTX graphics card supports the higher frame rate of the headsets. Next-generation D-BOX motion hardware keeps pace with the enhanced visual experience, further reducing the incidence of motion sickness in those who are susceptible to it. A new acrylic header and a refreshed marketing kit, free for operators of the game announces that guests can expect a high-def experience like nothing else. 

    For complete information on the all-new Virtual Rabbids Ultra HD, visit 

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