Unattended VR: 3 Questions You Must Ask

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Looking to add unattended VR to your venue?  Here are the top questions you need to ask.

Location-based VR is the hot new game category, and if you own an arcade or Family Entertainment Center, you can’t look past unattended VR, which boasts a small footprint with massive revenue potential.


Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride


Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride is the original and proven highest earning unattended VR for arcades.  Virtual Rabbids was built to work just like a traditional coin-op game, and just like any successful product, other manufacturers have tried to duplicate its success.

It may seem like a sure thing to put any one of the many new unattended VR products in your game room, but there are things that you need to consider when making the decision of what product to purchase.

Here are the top 3 considerations for selecting the best unattended VR experience for your arcade or FEC.


1. What is the product availability?

It was obvious that VR what is the popular new game category at IAAPA 2019. 2020 will see Virtual Reality experiences implemented on a wide scale, but what good is a product if you can’t get it into your venue?


Virtual Rabbids is available and ready for immediate shipment!

Interested in getting more product information?  Download the Virtual Rabbids revenue report here, or have our our sales team contact you and answer your questions directly.

2. How is the product support?

It’s quite likely that a new unattended VR product has not had the time to expose all of its support requirements, making it susceptible to a range of failures.

Virtual Rabbids is a fully mature product with a proven track record of reliability and record-breaking earnings.  It is also backed by the industry’s best support team, and an online parts store where you can access anything you need for The Big Ride, or any of our other games, 24 hours a day.

There are a few simple consumable parts for the ride that you can keep on hand to ensure the game is always ready for maximum revenue potential.  Click here to visit our online parts store.

3. What is the game’s track record for earnings?

The decision to buy a game generally comes down to this one question:  How much money does it earn?

Virtual Rabbids has been the #1 earning game in most venues around the world, with no indication that it’s slowing down.

Want to see numbers? Download the Virtual Rabbids revenue report and see its earnings for yourself!

Download our Virtual Rabbids Revenue Report

LAI broke ground with the first unattended VR arcade product, Virtual Rabbids – The Big Ride. Since then, they’ve shipped 500 units with no end in sight.  Who’s it for? Any location looking to add VR, without the additional labor cost of a dedicated attendant. This product seems to work almost anywhere.

– Bob Cooney, Location Based VR Expert

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