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A kid’s corner in your FEC helps your bottom line in more ways than one!

Improve your business by considering the needs of your youngest guests and the whole family in your FEC. A simple, cost effective children’s game area will lead to greater customer retention, higher levels of customer satisfaction and greater customer loyalty. 

Here are just a few ways a Kid’s Corner can help increase your customers’ spend and boost your profits:

  • Parents choose to spend their family time where they know their little ones feel comfortable and happy.  
  • “Mom, can we come play here tomorrow?” – Create an environment in which kids of all ages can enjoy and play for hours and you will have them coming back again and again. 
  • Birthday parties are a staple for many in the amusement industry, bringing in hosts of gleeful kids ready and willing to spend their parents’ money on a fun night. If you show them a good time, they’ll ask mom to have their party there – a BIG money maker! 
  • Keeping younger guests engaged gives the rest of a family a reason to stay, play, purchase more play value, and eat at the restaurant. 
  • Kids want instant gratification and are one of your main targets for redemption games. Be sure to give them plenty of fun ways to earn tickets and take home a handful of prizes. 
  • A kid’s corner increases the likelihood these young guests will become committed advocates of your FEC and return in the future to try all of your experiences. 

For all these reasons, children and their ability to influence spending should not be underestimated. The youngest guests can grow become your best guests! 

Check out our awesome lineup of games built for your kids corner: Pirate Battle, Choo Choo Train, Princess Castle, Piñata, High Five, Shooting Mania

Noisy and colorful, this spot leaves kids pining to play, earn tickets and hit the redemption counter for prizes.

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