Why You Need The Big Expansion Pack

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How do you get even more from your highest-earning game? 

For the last 2 years, location owners and operators from all around the world have consistently reported Virtual Rabbids as the highest earning game in their facility.  The fact that it’s unattended was a real game-changer, and brought accessible location-based VR to the forefront for FECs and arcades.  They won’t stop talking about how great Virtual Rabbids is, and we can’t blame them!

If Virtual Rabbids is still such a strong game, why install The Big Expansion Pack?

Well, if you like leaving money on the table, read no further.

Why You Need The Big Expansion Pack

The Big Expansion for Virtual Rabbids is like spinach to Popeye. It gives the biggest ride the coin-op industry has seen in the last few years a major power boost. Here are the reasons why The Big Expansion Pack is so powerful, and why you need to install it.

Reasons to Install The Big Expansion Pack

The Industry’s 1st Unattended Interactive Ride

The Big Expansion Pack was launched in mid 2019, and set another industry milestone with Space Skirmish, the first unattended interactive ride for arcades and FECs.  Guests shoot Robo Rabbids and other targets in the game simply by aiming their headsets, so they can still hold on to the handles and feel comfortable on the motion base.  It’s a simple but rewarding level of interactivity that doesn’t distract from the experience, and one that all ages can enjoy.

Most operators report that this ride alone is worth the upgrade!

“Virtual Rabbids is our favorite! Since adding the expansion pack, the game has steadily given us $1500 per week and it’s very consistent, keep up the great work.”

– Bill Assande, Spare Time Entertainment, Lansing, MI

“The families really like the Space Skirmish interactive game. The kids keep going back to play it again because of that game alone. The interactive piece has really made its mark.”

– Jesse Brown, Amusement Game Manager, Adventure Theme Park, AL

“The new content has definitely increased our replay. Customers love the Interactive Space Skirmish ride. Virtual Rabbids continues to be our number one game.”

– Bill Assande, Spare Time Entertainment, Lansing, MI

Big Returns for Minimal Investment

The majority of the cost for a new game sits in the cabinet, but its the content that generates revenue for your business.  Not to say that cabinets don’t play their role, but what if you could double the amount of content for a fraction of the cost of a new game?  That’s exactly what The Big Expansion Pack offers.  Its like adding a new game at less than a 1/4 the cost of purchasing a new VR ride.

When you consider the ROI that Virtual Rabbids is able to generate even without The Big Expansion Pack, the decision to purchase the upgrade becomes a no-brainer. Don’t leave money on the table!

The Big Expansion Pack Great ROI

6-week comparison from a mid-size regional FEC after installing The Big Expansion Pack.

More Than a Software Upgrade

The Big Expansion Pack is more than a software upgrade.  It contains hardware and a huge new marketing kit to help drive traffic to the new rides.

The Big Expansion Pack Ships with:

  • The Big Expansion Pack software (3 new rides plus the 3 originals, for a total of 6!)
  • Replacement security dongles
  • The Big Promotional Media Kit
  • Welcome pack with installation instructions
  • New acrylic header for your unit 
  • Large non-slip floor stickers x 3
  • Gator board promo game signage x 2

    Continues to set quality content standards

    Premium content from Ubisoft.

    LAI Games once again worked alongside Ubisoft to craft premium experiences that are even better than the originals. In addition to creating high-quality hilarious experiences, LAI Games and Ubisoft wanted to make sure that there was something for everyone.  Kitchen Catastrophe is family-friendly, all-ages fun, Space Skirmish is an exciting interactive experience and Coaster Calamity is a high-octane extreme adventure.

    New cutting edge technology from D-BOX

    LAI Games partner D-BOX’s “hybrid D-BOX motion” adds layers of depth in the motion base, synchronizing both the on-rail aspect as well as the shooting action. Combined with the incredible 360˚ views into the wacky world of Ubisoft’s Rabbids, the enhancements offer guests a whole new level of fun.

    “I viewed the game at IAAPA, and after searching the floor, this was the best game out there. As a matter of fact, LAI Games’ composition of blending Arcade game with the Virtual Reality aspect is like no other. You guys definitely have the market and have earned my future business. Since receiving the expansion pack, we should see a great increase in sales, again you guys got this one just right, and I look forward to the future.”

    – Kurt Epping, Manager at Funland Long Beach, WA

    Kitchen Catastrophe
    Family-Friendly Fun

    Experience mammoth moments of culinary fun from a pint-sized perspective!

    Space Skirmish
    An Interactive Experience

    Buckle up and blast your way through the enemy stronghold in this intergalactic adventure!

    Coaster Calamity
    Extreme Adventure

    Hold on for an epic journey, full of breath-taking heights and logic-defying twists and turns!

    “Virtual Rabbids is one of our top 5 games for sure, and once we purchased The Expansion Pack, it gave it new life, with expanded advertising promoting the new games.”

    – Tyler Houser, Assistant Manager at Airway Fun Center, Portage, MI

    Immediate Availability


    Unlike a game cabinet, The Big Expansion pack doesn’t take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  The Big Expansion Pack is in stock right now and ready to ship. Software installation only takes about 20 minutes and we have a full installation walkthrough video available to show your technicians how its done.

    Don’t wait any longer.  Just leave your details below and we’ll give you a call back to discuss how The Big Expansion Pack can make a difference heading in to your busy season!

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