New Virtual Rabbids Experiences Debut

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Dallas, TX USA – June 5, 2019  – Leading game manufacturer LAI Games has announced it will be showcasing its new Virtual Rabbids Premium Experiences at Bowl Expo 2019.  Show attendees will be able to experience the new content first-hand and learn about the operator upgrade kit.  Content is planned for public release in early August.

You’ve been shrunk to the size of an egg, let’s hope you don’t get cracked like one! Hop behind the wheel of your toy car and escape the mad Rabbid Chef in his gigantic kitchen. Beware the flying utensils and take cover in drains and appliances! Experience mammoth moments of fun from your pint-sized perspective!

Buckle up, because your spaceship is about to take flight! Speed through the galaxy, meet UFOs (Unbelievably Funny Obstacles), and blast your way through the enemy stronghold by shooting at the numerous spaceships and Robo-Rabbids in Virtual Rabbids first interactive adventure!

Do you have what it takes to embark on an extreme rollercoaster adventure, specially designed by a team of harebrained Rabbids? Climb into your carriage and hold on for an epic journey, full of breathtaking heights, hilarious drops, and logic-defying twists and turns!  You’ll be screaming BWAAAAAH!

Bowl Expo 2019

June 26 – 27
Booth #133
Las Vegas Convention Center

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