PETR Helps LAI Games Combat VRC

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Shedding Light on The Terrible Secret Many Operators are Hiding

FECs around the world are keeping a terrible secret. They are hiding something so cruel, so UNSPEAKABLE, that we at LAI Games believe it’s our duty to bring it to light, so we’ve enlisted the help of PETR (People for the Ethical Treatment of Rabbids) to help us with this discussion.

That secret is VRC: Virtual Rabbids Cruelty. Think it doesn’t happen? Think again! It could be happening in your country – your town – even in your own venues.

What does VRC Look Like?

These photos show the ugly truth.


Barely attached, frayed Velcro.

Face pads that are worn and disintegrating.

Screws missing from HTC Vive I/O covers.

Twisted, knotted 3-in-1 cables.

Not replacing heavy duty straps after extended use.

No sanitary masks!

The consequences of VRC

The consequences of VRC are devastating and far-reaching. They include:

  • Guests deciding not to play because the headsets look old and worn
  • Guests being unable to secure their headsets due to Velcro failure
  • People deciding not to play because no sanitary masks are available

All resulting in – LOSS OF REVENUE!

But don’t lose hope! It’s easy to combat VRC and keep your Virtual Rabbids in top-notch shape. Here are the easy steps to take to eradicate VRC once and for all!

Virtual Rabbids Cruelty doesn’t have to happen. Follow the steps above to give your guests a great experience and keep your Virtual Rabbids earning top revenues!  

Learn How to Change Virtual Rabbids Head Straps.

“Virtual Rabbids is the #1 game regardless of the size of the game room. Whether it has 25 or 125 games, it’s #1 in all of them.”
Steve Veach, Director of Game Operations – Bowlero


VIVE Headset Foam Pad

3 in 1 Cable Assembly

Sanitary Masks

Stop VRC and order all the parts you need at:

LAI Games Online Parts Store:
LAI Games Support:

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